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The brows define the face! Let Brow Arts 23 make your look more attractive. As a result, brow threading and shaping are among the most popular professional cosmetic services available in beauty salons. The appropriate shape, size, and color of brows make the eyes and face more attractive! Many men and women would somewhat have perfectly shaped brows than lip and cheek makeup. However, don’t just go to any professional salon for brow procedures. Remember that growing back your brows after a botched operation might take weeks, and brows painted with eyeliners are not as attractive as natural brows. Allow only brow specialists to come near your brows – and we’re talking about Brow Art 23! Keep reading this article to know more about their services and prices.

Brow Art 23 Prices

Price estimates only; visit their nearby store to get the actual price. 

Upper Lip$7.00
Partial Face (Sides)$18.00
Full Face$38.00
1/2 Leg$35.00
Full Leg$68.00
Under Arm$25.00
1/2 Arm$27.00
Full Arm$50.00
Henna (Temporary Tattoo) (Starting Price)$20.00
Makeup Application$26.00
Permanent Makeup (Prices Vary)varies
Full Set$300.00
1/2 Set$200.00
Temporary & Lash Clusters$30.00

Company History

Elizabeth Porikos-Gorgees established Brow Art 23 in 2006. They specialize in brow threading, a particular kind of grooming that speeds up the procedure and lessens the discomfort of waxing and tweezing. Customers had three main alternatives before eyebrow threading gained popularity: shaving, waxing, or tweezing. It could be challenging to effectively shave the brows because a single error will remove the entire brow. Additionally, it is more difficult to maintain because shaving encourages faster hair growth than pulling it out entirely.

Although tweezing offers a more permanent cure, it is both uncomfortable and time-consuming. The groomer may get a neat, exact look by pulling out each hair, but it takes a lot of time and care. The amount of pain associated with the procedure also increases when more hair is removed from the root. Additionally, waxing can be the most painful procedure of all. Hot wax is applied first, and then hundreds of microscopic hairs are pulled out of the face all at once. Waxing is more precise than tweezing since wax needs to be smooth out and tape needs to be placed, but takes longer.

Also, threading retains the advantageous parts of each of these systems while minimizing their disadvantages.

Less time is spent making the consumer uncomfortable since it enables the groomer to work more quickly and precisely. Customers enjoy having their brows threaded because it gives them a more polished appearance and takes considerably less time than having them professionally tweezed.

Brow Art 23 provides a variety of treatments in addition to threading brows, including permanent makeup, eyelash extensions, henna tattoos, and its line of cosmetics and skincare items. They have around 200 franchised stores in the ten years since they began franchising, the bulk of which are located inside large malls and shopping centers.

Why Choose Brow Art 23?

Brow Art 23 provides affordable beauty salon treatments. You will undoubtedly receive the finest value for your money, particularly in terms of perfectly-shaped brows, hairless face and body, and permanent eyebrow tattoos. You may think the prices are a little high, but when you realize that you’re only paying for your gorgeous face once a month, you’ll agree that every dollar is worth it. The salon professionals are both kind and knowledgeable, which makes each visit fun. You will be greeted by courteous staff as soon as you walk through the salon’s entrance and ask about your day. You may make light talk before getting down to business about the type of services you require for the day. 

The salon accepts credit cards. While appointments are preferred, you are welcome to stroll into the salon and have your requirements met.

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Brow Art 23 specializes in creating attractive brows or eyebrow art. Their brow specialists are all educated to “read” the client’s facial structure so that the brows enhance the characteristics. So, don’t be afraid to try it here; it will undoubtedly satisfy you! Have you been here before? If so, please share your experience with us because we’d love to hear about it! Have fun pampering yourself here!


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