Makeup, Styles & Other Looks To Go Perfect With Chocolate Brown Hair

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Chocolate Brown Hair

Everybody is always talking about blondes having more fun and blondes this and that. Blah blah blah, but what most fail to mention is that: to every blonde, there is that equally awesome brunette friend.

And that’s where we step in!

Brunettes are known for being intelligent, loyal and charmingly stunning with their hard-to-miss looks. Dark-haired brunettes are an especially rare and wild breed, as they are more unlikely to find but their beauty is usually uncanny.

Chocolate brown hair as rich and delicious as all the chocolate in the world. This look is dramatic, romantic and unconsciously feminine. Everyone loves chocolate, as it decadently draws everyone in for more.

Gorgeous dark chocolate brunette hair is where it’s at, as these women are seductive and charming. We are the ladies that the boys buy drinks and only wish they could take home at night. Us brunette girls have serious class and sass.

We make the best friends, wives and mothers, with our fiercely loyal spirits. Our dark locks are capable of holding tight even the deepest of secrets and we are known to be reliable even in the toughest of times. However, still more often than not, the brunette woman is overlooked.

That’s all about to change because we are going to take back out naturally encaptivating beauty, learning how to accentuate what we have.

There are so many different looks that can personally help you to bring out your best features and unique look. Chocolate brown hair is such a stunning color that can really help to highlight the woman underneath.

The Best Makeup For Chocolate Brown Hair

Women (and men) with chocolate brown hair are known to be natural beauties, with their darker complexion creating a mysteriously appealing undertone to pair with their usually quick-witted personalities.

These dark, deviously clever creatures usually don’t require or need makeup on the daily. However, when they do decide to dress up, there are certain makeup hacks that will absolutely help them to shine even brighter than they already do.

  • Blushing Beauty: Blush, especially in a rose tint, will help to warm and accent the face. Look for a rose shade with a brown undertone, and steer clear of anything with orange or peach hues as it will actually age your face appearance drastically. Chocolate haired women also look awesome with a gold highlighter, applied around the brow and cheekbone.
  • Lip Color Fun: Dark haired women can always pull off the most outrageous of reds and purples. Brunettes are basically known for the sexy pout, whether the color be preppy pink or pouty plum women with chocolate brown hair are able to look stunning with a dramatic showy lipstick color.
  • Lid Color: An all-around beautiful, eye enhancing color for brunettes is greyish, brownish or a metallic colored pallet. Each of these helps to enhance the eyes. As well, it is suggested to adding a lighter tint brown than your hair to fill in your eyebrows to help brighten up your eye area. Make those lashes darker than the night if you want to especially draw attention to your eyes.
  • checkFlawless Face: Keep your face makeup light as to not weigh down the face, with a foundation containing a little more of a yellowish undertone. I wouldn’t suggest using bronzer, and if so, only using it lightly and sparingly.

Now, it is important to take into consideration that each individuals skin tone also plays a part in how well certain colors and looks appear. These are just general suggestions, although one should still make sure to match their makeup to their specific skin tone’s needs.

Top 3 Closet Necessities For Chocolate Brown Hair

It’s all about how we can enable your dark chocolate locks to accentuate and brighten up your gorgeous face that is hidden underneath an equally gorgeous dark curtain.

A common problem with dark brunette hair is that if it falls into its owners face often it can swallow and hide the natural structural beauty underneath all that magnificent hair.

Choosing the right coloring for your clothing and overall wardrobe color scheme can also greatly enhance your outward appearance and look.

Below are some of the top listed style necessities, reviews and advice that I have compiled to help bring out that brilliant face and accentuate the luscious chocolate-haired woman that you are behind those intimidatingly daring locks.

1. Never Look Sexier In Navy Blue  

Brunette ladies all look fabulous in the multiple shades of blue, as anything with a blue undertone is helping to accentuate your face and figure. Each color adds a nice compliment to your already dark mane, enhancing your sophistication while keeping your look dark and wild. However, specifically navy blue, in particular, is one of your power colors if you have chocolate brown hair.

My suggestion is to pull your lush locks in a sexy high ponytail and don a navy-blue pantsuit. This sexy outfit can be dressed up with pumps or worn to a business meeting in penny loafers. Either way, it will turn heads, as you’ll come off as a stunningly sexy businesswoman, ready to take on the world.

2. Rock The Red

One way to look lovely, rich, decadent and delicious is to stock your closet with at least one slinky red dress to match your seductive rich chocolate-brown hair color. Red in itself is a color full of power, control and love. However, paired with an equally dark color such as your chocolate brown hair, red becomes a color that will turn you insanely irresistible.

Get yourself some sexy black stilettos, curl your lion’s mane into tiny spirals, zip yourself into a tight red dress and watch yourself rule the world.

Trust me, this combo will make you feel unstoppable.

3. Slay All Styles In Sunny Yellow  

Yellow will make you the bright ball of beautiful in everyone’s day that I know you can be. Pastel-toned yellows compared to your dramatic chocolate brown dark hair will make you a ravishing sight for sore eyes. Yellows are a very complimenting color, brightly emphasizing and flattering all dark tones.

Cream-colored and gold clothing (and jewelry) are also items that would help to create a serene look for you that can’t be easily replicated. Light tones with liven up your skin while also bringing out the stunning contrast that your hair will naturally create.

And if you’re a jewelry lover like myself, now you have an excuse to stock up on gold jewelry that will make your eyes twinkle like the stars in the sky! Gold earrings and a necklace would seriously help to brighten up your entire face.

A yellow sundress paired with some sandals and a flash of delicate gold accessories will have you looking like the Goddess of Love herself. Dangerously dark up top and deliciously delicate down below. Enchant the world with your dark locks pulled to the side in a loose braid with a smile on your face and a light sundress flowing by your sides.

4. Natural Colors Best Compliment Your Locks

Natural colors such as the differing browns, mossy greens, olive and even clay orange undertones will look very flattering next to your chocolate brown hair. Your favorite season will most likely be fall because of this because each of those primary colors looks ravishing on you.

My suggestion would be to get some different warm colored sweaters, a universally complimenting brown jacket and maybe a mossy green pea-coat so that you can fashionably stand out during whichever season or weather you find yourself in.

Call The Shots With Your Chocolate Brown Hair  

People blessed enough to have these dark sultry locks contain a sophisticated and mature air about them. No matter what they put on, they are going to look smart and dependable. Deep chocolate brown hair hues are both flattering and complex, drawing the attention of all near and around them.

With these tips, we hope you’ll better be able to better learn and manage your seductively exquisite chocolate brown hair. By following these tips, you should be able to gain a sense of security confidence knowing that you are dressing in ways to best compliment your looks.

Your hair (and overall appearance) will thank you.

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