8 Fabulous Ways in Which You Can Wear Ponytail Hairstyles

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Ponytail hairstyles are a great way to be comfortable, yet fashionable. There are literally thousands of twists on this classic hairstyle. From classic to edgy and everything in between, get creative with your ponytail hairstyles. We have scoured the internet for unique takes on this timeless hairstyle and hope that you’ll find one that you absolutely love!

8 Ways to Wear Ponytail Styles

#1. Add Some Volume

jennifer lopez wearing a ponytail

Do not be afraid of volume! Many stars are embracing the power of teased hair, and many of them are revamping ponytail hairstyles with sky high volume. Start by pulling your hair up loosely in the style you want. Whether it is parted, a side ponytail or on the top of your head, secure it in the desired spot.

Then using a pick comb, tease the crown of your hair, start at the roots. Make sure to be gentle so that you don’t mess up the actual ponytail. Stars, such as Emma Stone, Gwen Stefani and Jennifer Lopez have embraced voluminous ponytails and have even sported them at red carpet events.

#2. Sectioned Ponytail

a young model with a sectioned ponytail

Braided ponytails are adorable, but what about if you want to switch it up? TV personality, Maria Menounos showed us exactly how it is done by donning this creative sectioned ponytail. Her hairstylist explains she started by parting her hair down the side and pulled her locks into a low ponytail. Then, she added a unique look by sectioning off parts of the ponytail with small elastic bands. This adds a decorative touch without the use of braids. This rope-like effect can be used in a number of ways.

#3. Side Ponytail

Beyonce with a side ponytail

What was once a fad of the eighties is now making a huge comeback. Side ponytails are simple, but done right can create a rocking look. Take a page from Beyoncé. She recently rocked the red carpet with a high side ponytail. Her blonde locks styled in perfect curls.

She looked glamorous and unique. This simple ponytail hairstyle can be done at home. Simply brush your hair smoothly into a side ponytail. You can choose how high you want it to be. Whether you keep the hair straight or style it with waves or curls, you are sure to grab the attention of the room.

#4. Embrace the Scrunchie

six colored hair scrunchies

Ok, so maybe we aren’t talking about the neon colored scrunchies your mother used to wear. However, a dramatic decorative hair tie can add a lot to the simple ponytail. Try a bow or jeweled ribbon for a touch of class. A beautiful jeweled clip can add the perfect amount of sparkle for any event. Don’t be afraid to go bold. With so many hair accessories on the market, get creative and discover some new looks.

#5. Flip the Ends

Kate Beckinsale with a medium-sized ponytail

We are sure you have seen many ponytail hairstyles that call for curling the ponytail itself. But what about flipping the ends? Kate Beckinsale inspired this flirty and fun look. She started with a simple pulled back ponytail with subtle wavy tips. You can use a curling iron or a straightening iron to add a bit of flip to the end of your ponytail. This is a simple and easy ponytail hairstyle that anyone can master. It is also an easy way to do your hair when in a time crunch.

#6. Super Long Ponytail

singer Ariana Grande with her iconic ponytail

Stars, like Katie Holmes and Ariana Grande, have the long sleek ponytail mastered! Grande is known for her super high and long ponytail. Holmes has been spotted on the red carpet numerous times sporting this look. The great thing about the look is that you can sport it no matter the length of your hair, thanks to the use of simple clip in hair extensions.

You can put your own touch on this sleek ponytail hairstyle by trying different parts or adding some volume to the crown of your head. Make sure to lock in the look with a spritz of your favorite hair spray.

#7. Easy Braid Ponytail

an easy to braid ponytail

Start by parting your hair down the side. Take a piece from the left and braid it down to the center of where you want the ponytail to be. Pull all of your hair up into a ponytail and secure with an elastic band. You can pull out the braid to add more volume and make it look fuller.

Then take a small piece of hair and wrap it around the elastic band to hide it. A complete tutorial on this fun look can be found on Hair Romance. The adorable look is perfect for summer parties, formal events or a simple night out. There are several variations of this look. We think this look would look great with a braid on each side!

#8. Add Some Color

several hair chalks in different colors

Most of us dream of having a bold or bright hair color, but just can’t commit to such a drastic look. That’s why we are so in love with temporary dyes and hair chalks. If you don’t want to use dyes or chalks, your local beauty supply should have an assortment of the colored clip in extensions.

The great thing about these temporary color options is that you can add a pop of bold color whenever you want with no damage to your hair. Plus, these options are much more affordable than frequent trips to the hairdresser! Ponytail hairstyles are even more fun in a rainbow of colors!

Putting It All Together

Ponytail hairstyles are not just for the summer anymore. With these fun styles, you can sport a ponytail from the pool to a party! Thanks to these unique twists, ponytails can be dressy, fun, edgy or sporty. Fit a style that fits your personality! Have some fun with your ponytail! What is your go-to ponytail hairstyles? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

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