10 Tips on How to Use a Hair Diffuser For Great Results!

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The hair diffuser is making a comeback for good reasons. If you have wavy or curly hair, you know that taming and styling your hair is no easy feat. There are days when your hair becomes frizzy, dry, tangled and simply a mess. The perfect solution: a hair diffuser.

It literally can save curly or wavy-haired girls from a bad hair day. A blow dryer diffuser tames the frizz and volumizes the curls making your hair soft, smooth and bouncy.

Yes, it’s definitely a holy grail; not just for curly-haired girls, but also for straight-haired girls who want a salon-style or beach waves hair. If you haven’t heard of a hair diffuser, or just want to use one better, this post is for you.

Plus, we’ll give you 10 tips on how to use a hair diffuser so that you can rock bouncy, smooth, volumized curls in no time.

What is a Diffuser

So, what’s a hair diffuser? A hair diffuser is an accessory that is attached to the nozzle of your hairdryer.  A hair dryer diffuser is mostly used to manage and style wavy and curly hair while at the same time giving volume and taming the frizz.

The hair diffuser prevents your hair from being frizzy or limp unlike using the typical dryer which dries out your hair. It also works for all hair types.

How Does a Hair Diffuser Work?

Instead of blowing heat directly to your curls, a blow dryer diffuser circulates the air so that it evenly defines the waves and curls. This accessory gives volume and shine to your dull, lifeless hair. However, it’s a lifesaver for people who have curly and kinky hair.

As airflow is softened, a hair dryer diffuser is less harmful as it inhibits the hair from frizzing. It may take longer to dry your hair compared to typical blow dryers, but you get more benefit and volume.

7 Great Benefits of Using Blow Dryer Diffuser

  1. Reduces hair fall
  2. Perfect for managing curly and wavy hair
  3. A great alternative to the curling iron
  4. Tames the frizz
  5. Less damaging to your hair compared to just using hair dryer alone.
  6. Adds volume to hair.
  7. Defines curls thoroughly.

8 Types of Hair Diffuser

There are many different styles of hair diffusers. One of them is sure to be perfect for you and your hair. Here are a few of the most popular diffusers on the market today.

1. Sock diffuser

universal diffuser hair dryer diffuser
Image via Amazon

If you have a fragile hair and at the same time hates bulky accessories, then the sock diffuser is for you. It is compact and soft and still provides volume to your hair. Although it’s not as good as a standard bowl diffuser, it will fit on any dryer, which saves you time trying to figure out if they can fit on your current dryer.

2. Normal bowl hair diffuser

hair diffuser
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Normal bowl hair diffusers or cup diffusers are the best fit for medium to long hair. It prevents frizz and adds volume to your hair. This design is widely used in the market and is said to dry your hair faster than other types of hair diffusers.

3. Large bowl hair diffuser

large bowl diffuser hair dryer diffuser
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A large bowl hair diffuser fits most nozzles that are six inches in diameter. It has larger 3D-like prongs on it. This type of diffuser provides enough air circulation to cover longer and thicker curly hair.

4. Collapsible bowl hair diffuser

The Curly Co. Collapsible Hair Diffuser hair dryer diffuser
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Collapsible bowl hair diffuser can stretch its prongs into a full-size diffuser and at the same time collapse, making it both versatile and compact. If you value organizing and neatness, this is the hair diffuser for you.

5. Hand-shaped hair diffuser

hand shape hairdryer diffuser
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The hand-shaped diffuser doesn’t do well in keeping the volume to your hair, but it does prevent frizz and shrinkage. It fits on most hairdryers and is recommended to finish your styling with a cold air setting to lock its curls in place.

6. Small compact hair diffuser

small compact hair diffuser hair dryer diffuser
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A small compact hair diffuser is another accessory that can address the bulk stress of bringing them along when you are traveling. It may be small, but its capacity can be on par with an average bowl diffuser. You will be amazed that it can handle thick and medium-length curls.

7. Ionic-powered universal hair diffuser

bio ionic universal diffuser hairdryer diffuser
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Most professional stylists use an ionic-powered diffuser. It usually fits in most bio ionic dryer. With its volcanic mineral properties, this hair diffuser can hydrate your hair and therefore gives a professional touch.

8. All-attachment accessory

Thi blow dryer diffuser already comes with an attachment that has it all — a comb, concentrator, and of course, a diffuser. This attachment can be convenient to stylers who want to comb their hair when drying. Since airflow is spread, you have control in styling your locks and can then easily detangle them.

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Image CC by 2.0, by sdfgsdfgasdr via Flickr

How to Use a Diffuser

Before you can start drying your hair,  you have to know your hair type and texture, and also the variety of hair diffusers out there.

There are a lot of choices that you can attach to your blow dryer. Finding the right attachment will give you great results on how you style your hair. But if you want to straighten out your hair, you might want to opt out and use a hair straightening iron or regular blow dryer instead. Otherwise, you can never go wrong with a diffuser.

Moreover, make sure the attachment fits your hair dryer. If you are lucky, some hair dryers come with accessories including a diffuser, which is a pretty good deal.

Here are 10 ways that you can use the blow dryer diffuser.

1. Towel-dry your hair

When you use a diffuser to dry your hair, dab the excess water with a towel first. Make sure you do not rub or twist it roughly so it may not frazzle when it dries.

2. Use low heat and speed

Before you start drying your hair, keep your dryer’s temperature and speed low. It may take you longer to dry your hair, but it protects your locks from frazzling. Drying your hair with high heat and speed does not only cause your hair to frizz but also can overheat the hair dryer.

If your hair is dry, you can also spray some water first and add some leave-in conditioner to add protection when heat is applied to them.

3. Dry your hair from roots to scalp

Begin drying by tipping your head sideways to cover the roots first. Then you can work your way up towards the scalp. Do this in a circular motion, however, do not overdo or move it all over your hair as you would usually use it with just the bare nozzle.

4. Give extra loving care

Avoid cupping your hair all over the place in haste. Same goes in touching your curls with your hands. The less your hair is touched, the lesser abrasion and damage you do to your hair.

5. Gently cup each section

Gently hold the hair diffuser in place for about a minute or so. It may be less depending on how thick your waves and curls are. Take time to cover each area instead of going back and forth.

6. Tilt down

Next, tilt your head down to cover the inner layers of your curls. Do the same process for drying the inner sections.

7. Don’t overdry your hair

Leave your hair with a bit of damp so not to dry it too much. You can get the rest of the work done with natural drying.

8. Wait until hair cools down

Once done, you can wait for a couple of minutes to cool down your hair. Gravity can set your curls back to shrink as it is still warm. In this way, it saves you from redoing your hair.
9. Take extra care with your curlsIf you have curly and sensitive hair, give special attention to how you blow dry your hair with the diffuser. There are more techniques that you can follow so you can style your curls and keep it manageable all day.

10. Apply hairstyle products

After covering your entire hair, you can now apply styling spray or creme to hold your hairstyle and make it lasts longer. However, this is only optional. You can also apply a leave-in conditioner or mousse to get some extra shiny locks.

The Perfect Hair Day, Just a Blow Dry Away.

So, there you have it!

Now, you have a pretty good idea about what a hair diffuser is, the benefits of using one, how it works, and what are the different types of hair diffusers and how to use them.

With a hair dryer diffuser, you’ll definitely love and appreciate your curls and waves more. It also will bring out the beauty and loveliness of your curls. Say goodbye to frizz and bad hair days. Go ahead and rock those curls!


Featured Image: CC by 2.0, by Floortje Walraven, via Flickr


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