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Are you still not on board with the trend of matte nails? Find out more and dare to try it yourself! Nails have become a must to complement our looks, an accessory to top and outfit. The best of all? There are no rules! You can choose the style that you like and that reflects your personality better: Giving them a touch of color, cutting them a particular shape or betting on some original design, the choice is yours to make. Nails have become another element to show who you are!

And for this upcoming season, if you want a very cool manicure, you must know about the latest and coolest trends.

Matte nails are the newest sensation that has come to stay. Do you know how to get them or how to wear them?

matte nails

What’s so special about matte nails?

Nail Art has already become a way of life. The perfect outfit is impossible to achieve without a good nail color that matches our style. Matte fingernails are a technique that adds a touch of elegance and glamor, essential for special occasions or night out.

It is simply a matte touch for our nail polish. Although there are many different brands in the market, you can also mix and match them yourself if you are not ready to commit to a single color or brand. There are brands that have already the color attached, like this breathtaking purple from Zoyair?t=allsalonprice 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B01609KGB2, that is not only the perfect touch of audacity to an outfit, but it can suit perfectly for day and night outfits. A must for sexy!

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There are other ways to get your matte color, by applying a special matte top coat to any nail polish (most brands are compatible and will not smudge), and to be honest, our favorite is Sally Hansen Big Matte Top Coatir?t=allsalonprice 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B00HFTXXIU

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More than one way!

Along with this technique, you can get creative too, combining it with degraded nails, which consists of going from one color to another or on the contrary, making strong contrasts with different colors. One of the most used trends of the season is playing around with matte and shiny gaps, which also make it for a hot set of nails!

You can paint your matte step by step at home. You just have to improve the technique as you try different styles.

Matte nails of a single color

They will undoubtedly be an explosion of color and elegance at the same time. For the night, opt for shades of black or dark blue, even red, a classic that never fails. If you are feeling specially edgy, you can also try metallic colors, like this Julep Nail Polish duoir?t=allsalonprice 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B01CQVQ7FW, which will make you the belle of the ball. For events during the day or the office, opt for softer shades like pink, turquoise or peach.

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Matte-nails with ornaments

This is another of the options for the ones that hate to go unnoticed. When you are wearing matte fingernails, you can incorporate embellishments of various kinds like pebbles or stickers. Even play with the shapes, the beauty of matte is that it will make anything pop-up!

Matte/shiny nails

It is a trend that has been stepping up. Uses the degradation of colors, but with a matte layer to keep it interesting. Many women have been trying reverse French with matte-non-matte, and it looks fabulous.

Now that you know what the colored fingernails consist of, will you start to try out the different designs that we show you in our photo gallery?

Show off your colors

Dominate 2017 with the trendiest colors of the season. And not only for the fingernails, but summer is also coming; toenails must get in shape too! There are many colors for you to choose the one that goes with you if you like the matte nails trend, but like to change your color often, get the whole set! Mighty Gadget Kleancolor Complete Matte Metallic Setir?t=allsalonprice 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B00E9JIUQ4 is the perfect option, so you never have to decide of sticking to a color until the polish runs out, we love it! This season, explosive colors are back, so don’t be afraid to experiment with your finger fantasies!

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Fluorescent colors (which will be perfect for highlighting your tan), pastels, nudes and the most classic never go out of fashion (red, garnet, nude, chocolate …).

Don’t forget to moisturize and clean your hands and feet, so your hands will be no less than another element of your beauty; always take care of your skin!

You can choose to do the manicure or pedicure yourself or if you feel like you do not have a lot of skill or prefer to get pampered, let the professionals do it, sit back and relax…. There is nothing like a salon session to get you feeling your best!

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