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Massage Luxe offers numerous add-on services to help clients look and feel their best in addition to high-quality yet reasonably priced massages. This business caters to the growing need for high-quality self-care among adults of all ages. Massage Luxe, which currently has over 50 outlets, has benefited from a booming market by making luxurious massages accessible to people with hectic schedules. Both men and women can find the much-needed relaxation as well as several advantages to their bodily and mental health here.

For starting price, one-hour massages at Massage Luxe start around $60.00, however, costs vary by location.

Massage Luxe Spa Prices

The prices below are simply estimates. Pricing for the same salon brand may differ from location to location or may not be up to date. Please get in touch with your local salon to verify the price range.

LuXe Membership$79.00/month
MASSAGE (Intro/Member Rates)
Swedish Massage$60.00
Deep Tissue Massage$60.00
Hot Stone$70.00
Trigger Point$70.00
HydroLuXe Dry Water Massage$20.00
MASSAGE (Non-Member Rates)
Swedish Massage$95.00
Deep Tissue Massage$95.00
Hot Stone$95.00
Trigger Point$95.00
HydroLuXe Dry Water Massage$20.00
FACIALS (Intro/Member Rates)
4-Layer Facial$99.00
Hydra Medic Facial$99.00
Vita Cura$99.00
Biolight Facial$99.00
Hydra 4 Red-Out Facial$99.00
Pore Refining Facial$65.00
Seaweed Facial$65.00
Glyco Peel and Reveal$65.00
FACIALS (Non-Member Rates)
4-Layer Facial$140.00
Hydra Medic Facial$140.00
Vita Cura$140.00
Biolight Facial$140.00
Hydra 4 Red-Out Facial$140.00
Pore Refining Facial$95.00
Seaweed Facial$95.00
Glyco Peel and Reveal$95.00
FACIAL WAXING (Member Rates)
Eyebrow Sculpting$15.00
Cheeks (Sides of Face)$10.00
FACIAL WAXING (Non-Member Rates)
Eyebrow Sculpting$17.00
Cheeks (Sides of Face)$12.00
BODY WAXING (Member Rates)
Under Arms$25.00
1/2 Arm$32.00
Full Arm$38.00
1/2 Leg$36.00
Full Leg$56.00
Upper Back$31.00
Lower Back$32.00
Full Back$44.00
Bikini Line$38.00
Full Bikini$45.00
Full Face$35.00
BODY WAXING (Member Rates)
Under Arms$30.00
1/2 Arm$37.00
Full Arm$43.00
1/2 Leg$40.00
Full Leg$61.00
Upper Back$36.00
Lower Back$37.00
Full Back$49.00
Bikini Line$43.00
Full Bikini$50.00
Full Face$40.00
Opti Firm Eye Treatment$23.00
Papaya Enzymatic$23.00
Glycolic Treatment$35.00
Lamina Lift Mask$12.00
Scalp Treatment$12.00

Massage Luxe Spa History

Todd Beckman was the founder of Massage Luxe in 2007 in Missouri. His main objective was to reduce the cost of calming spa treatments for working individuals. In addition to being able to unwind, he wanted people to be able to enjoy the health advantages of routine massages, such as reduced pain and blood pressure. Although the business was initially known as Tanco, its new name emphasizes its dedication to providing opulent services in a chic setting.

Furthermore, massage Luxe has steadily grown over the past ten years, reaching many states all across the nation. Instead of only having locations in one region of the country, Massage Luxe has sites on the East and West Coasts, in the Midwest, and the South. In 14 states today, Massage Luxe establishments run as independent franchises. Additionally, the proprietors of this company intend to grow until they have 400 independent franchises, with 58 present locations and many plans for new locations over the next years.

What’s more? Massage Luxe continues to make luxurious body and face care available to everyone by offering reasonable services to regular Americans in numerous locations across the nation.

Services Offered

You can choose the famous Swedish massage or the soothing deep tissue massage. While hot stone or aromatherapy massages provide added delight, dry water massage provides quick comfort at a minimal cost. In addition to reflexology, the majority of facilities also provide prenatal, sports, and trigger point massages. With a variety of facials, peels, and masks that rejuvenate skin cells, improve skin texture, and get rid of some minor indications of aging, Massage Luxe’s services go beyond only the body.

In addition, waxing services for the face and body remove unwanted hair for a fraction of the cost of what is charged at many other salons and spas. Visitors should be aware that member costs at Massage Luxe are substantially more reasonable. Than non-member prices, similar to Hand and Stone Massage Spa.

Although many locations provide massages not every business gives a luxurious experience with health advantages. Fast chair massages in crowded malls don’t calm people and might even make them feel more agitated than before they arrived. But in keeping with its moniker, Massage Luxe provides each visitor with a supremely luxurious and high-class experience.

Highly trained and experienced staff members understand how to address each issue area to provide a safe and relaxing environment. Massage Luxe may provide excellent results whether you are seeking a safe pregnancy massage, or a genuinely relaxing aromatherapy massage before a busy weekend. Furthermore, each location offers clean and modern amenities in a relaxing setting. Soft colors and clean surroundings quickly put guests at rest and create an escape from the bustle of daily life.

Do you want to try out one of their services? If you have already! Please share your ideas with us.

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