Nail Art Supplies To DIY A Manicure At Home

Written by Sierra Hamilton | Reviewed by Linda Simko Last Updated: March 16, 2024

We all want to look good from our heads to our toenails, but sometimes that can be difficult.Trying to copy intricate nail art is frustrating and time-consuming, and getting a manicure is expensive. Fear not friends, here is a list of nail art supplies for easy nails that will knock everybody’s socks off!

Cutting and Shaping Nail Art Supplies

Nail clippers are a standard but essential tool in your nail care routine. Try to avoid using toenail clippers for your fingernails. Using nail clippers specifically designed for your fingernails will ensure proper clipping and shaping of your nails.

Every girl needs a good nail file. Try to avoid using coarse grit nail file, as they are designed for acrylic nails. For regular nails, you’ll want a cushion nail file like this one. This will be easier on your nails and any surrounding skin. You don’t want to risk filing off the protective layer of your fingernails with a coarse nail file.

In preparation for cutting your nails, you might want to consider soaking them in warm water. This will make the nail less brittle and easier to cut. Cut the nail straight across, and then shape at the corners with your clippers or a file if you prefer that. File away any sharp parts of your nails so that they don’t catch on your clothes. You probably only need to cut your nails once a week, as they grow about 2 millimeters a month.

Basic Supplies for Easy Nail Art

Bobby pins are great for making polka dots! After applying a top coat, dip the tip of the bobby pin into your desired polka dot color, and gently make little dots on your nail

Toothpicks are good for smaller detail, or just smaller polka dots. Try putting a blob of nail polish on your nail and “pulling” the nail polish out with the tip of the toothpick.

nail art supplies and techniques


Creating Detail

Scotch Tape is perfect for making sharp edges or any triangle or diamond effects. It makes for easy clean up after water marbling your nails. Just place the tape around the nail and remove when you’re done

Liquid Bandaid is also great for easy clean up after water marbling. No more trying to scrub that polish off of your skin! You’ll be ready to leave the house with gorgeous nails and clean surrounding skin in no time.

Fine Point Sharpies are another item on our list of nail art supplies that you must have. Don’t have a nail paint pen? No problem! Just use a gold or black Sharpie to enhance any design. You can make lines zig-zags or any funky little design.

Layering is an awesome way to add some dimension to your nails. Obviously, a clear top coat is a great way to protect your nails after you’ve just polished them. But, there are even more uses for it which is why this is one of our favorite nail art supplies! Once you’ve finished your nail design, using the tip of a bobby pin, create different sized dots over your nail using this top coat. This will create a beautiful dew drop look. It’s a great way to jazz up your plain painted nails with a little bit of dimension.

Another tip is that cornstarch mixed with a clear top coat can give you a nice DIY matte finish.  Just add the cornstarch to your clear polish little by little and shake.  Repeat the process until the nailpolish is nearly white

use top coat as nail art supplies


You can use a makeup sponge to create an ombre effect on your nail. Put two or more stripes of color on the sponge and lightly dab the color on the nails.

The possibilities are endless for making patterns on your nails. Just look for cool textures in the things around you! Simply take a textured material and stamp it or lay it down as a stencil. Loofahs and lace both work well.

Nail Tips

Dipping your nails in ice water helps them to dry faster! After painting your nails, soak them in ice water for five to ten minutes to help them dry faster. Your fingers will be a bit chilly but it’ll be worth it to have smudge-free nails!

Removing nail polish: Place a curled up sponge inside a small jar. You may have to cut the sponge according to the size of the jar. Pour nail polish remover into the jar so that the sponge is moist, but there is not a ton of excess. We recommend using an acetone free nail polish remover like this one. You now have a compact way to take your nail polish off without dealing with multiple cotton balls, etc. And this way you don’t get nail polish on your skin as easily! Win-win right there!

use nail art supplies to make remover jars


As summer approaches, we’re busting out the bright and cheerful polish colors. If you’re like me, you’re getting excited to try out some new techniques and designs. We hope these nail art supplies and tips will help you as you experiment with new ways to make your nails look beautiful!

So you’ve got your supplies, isn’t it time to paint some nail art? Read our post about DIY Easy Nail Art Designs to get some awesome tips, tricks and ideas!


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