Secrets to Help You Make Your Summer Makeup Last

Written by Sierra Hamilton | Reviewed by Linda Simko Last Updated: March 16, 2024

We all love summer! Nights get longer, skin gets darker, hair gets lighter right? Well, yes, all of that may be true, but it also gets hotter- worse- it gets humid. Although we love the change in season, it can be hard on our makeup.  Looking pretty while you’re all sweaty is hard. To help keep your makeup on during the sweaty summer months, you can make a few changes to your routine.



You can switch out your standard foundation for a light BB cream. The BB cream is inexpensive. Using a BB cream is one way to have a summer foundation, instead of dealing with your winter foundation all year.  BB cream is light, and usually has an SPF of 15 or more, making it perfect for summer. If you’re not super into BB cream, or you have super sunburn prone skin, you can use tinted sunscreen.  Tinted sunscreen will offer more protection from the sun, and can provide the coverage you want from your makeup.



Another thing you can swap out is your powder blush.  When you sweat, powder makeup doesn’t have a chance. Instead of reaching for you powder blush, maybe opt for a light cream tint, or go without blush.  Time outdoors will give you a natural pink (or red) hue.

white eye pencil


If you are going to be outside on a hot summer day, skip the eyeshadow! Powder eyeshadow will smudge or get runny, and cream eyeshadow tends to be thick and heavy. If you are fretting about not wearing eyeshadow, don’t worry! Throw on a pair of shades, and no one will know. If you don’t feel comfortable without eye makeup, try using white eye pencil on your water line. It will be super light weight, and if helps your eyes to appear larger.



For the summer months, you may want to consider using a waterproof mascara. If you are a lifeguard, this sounds ideal, but what if you’re not? Well, water proof mascara can handle the sweat that you’ll probably be dealing with in the summer months.



You can also swap out your lipstick.  I would recommend a tinted chapstick. The chapstick will give your lips color and keep them moisturized.  Chapsticks also offer an SPF of up to 50. Check the label on your chapstick to see the SPF. Trust me; you don’t want burnt lips! If you feel like you need an intense lip color, you can always use waterproof lip color.



Because you are hopefully lathering up the sunscreen, and going light on the makeup, why don’t you skip the primer? You don’t need it if you’re using BB cream, so why have the extra layer.  If you feel like you have to have a primer, try and grab one that is SPF 15 or more. Most Primers are at least SPF 5.


Dealing With Sweat

If you are super worried about your sweat ruining your makeup, but can’t bear to switch up your routine, try a sweat resistant setting spray. You can also use blotting towelettes. They will absorb your sweat and face oil while leaving your makeup behind.  If you don’t want to invest in blotting towels, you can use tissue paper as a substitute.

Remember, sweat is natural and everybody does it. There is no need to worry about how much you sweat. Just go out and have fun this summer!


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