6 Effective Homemade & Store Bought Skin Whitening Products

Written by Sierra Hamilton | Reviewed by Linda Simko Last Updated: March 16, 2024

The skin is our main and most important protection from the environment. For that reason, it’s always under duress. The sun alone is constantly attacking our skin with harmful UV rays. Other factors that can also cause such problems are age, pregnancy, and skin-related conditions. You can solve some of these issues with good skin whitening products.

Otherwise, these problems might result in imperfections like red marks, uneven spots, dark blotches, blemishes, an uneven skin tone and other pigmentation issues. Thankfully, there are various skin whitening products that aim at reducing and even eliminating these imperfections, whitening and evening out your skin tone. This guide will go over six of the best such products.

*The following creams are listed by their price, from the least to the most expensive one.

1. Barielle Porcelain Skin Brightening Cream

a container of Barielle porcelain skin whitening cream

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Even though its basic objective is similar to all the other products, this brand stands out from the other skin whitening creams because of its skin tone evening properties. Apart from fighting dark spots and other imperfections, it uses natural oils and alpha hydroxy acids to balance and homogenize the tone of your skin.


  • Its tone evening effect is powerful enough to reduce and even eliminate freckles.
  • Its exclusive formula features a multi-fruit complex of Alpha Hydroxy Acids.
  • Unlike many other skin whitening products, it does not have the harmful composite known as hydroquinone.


  • Some customers have complained about the thickness of the cream.
  • Due to its gentle formula, this cream can be very slow-acting.

Price: $9.92.

2. Xtend-Life Whitening Day Cream

the XtendLife skin whitening cream formula

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Unlike most skin whitening products, Xtend-Life Whitening Day Cream does not only aim at improving the tone and fairness of your skin. Amazingly, this product features both anti-aging and skin whitening properties. Without using chemicals or artificial ingredients of any kind, it reduces melanin while stimulating collagen and elastin production in the body.


  • Utilizing a complex formula, this product is able to whiten your skin while simultaneously hydrating and rejuvenating it.
  • It uses Phytessence Wakame to heal your skin and protect it from UV rays.
  • It contains no harmful bleaches or any other toxic agents.


  • Because it contains natural ingredients only, this product can be slow-acting. It needs to be applied consistently for an extended period of time to truly work.
  • Unfortunately, this product is not highly compatible with other creams like sunscreen or moisturizers.

Price: $ 11.99.

3. AMBI Skincare Fade Cream

the Ambi skincare fade cream advanced formula

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This product is a treatment that is capable of gradually fading dark areas and spots. Unlike other skin whitening products, it is specially formulated for fading freckles, age spots, liver spots and pregnancy-caused accumulations of pigment. As if that was not enough, it contains sunscreen formula that prevents new spotting and darkening.

Without a doubt, this product stands out among other skin whitening products due to its incredibly fast-acting whitening effect. It is worth noting that this product comes in two different versions: one for customers with normal skin and another for customers with oily skin.


  • This cream features an incredibly fast-acting whitening formula.
  • It protects your skin from dangerous UV rays that would otherwise continue to darken and produce spots on your skin.


  • Unfortunately, this cream contains a small amount of hydroquinone, making it unsafe for continuous use for extended periods of time (more than three weeks).

Price: $13.95.

4. Swanson Skin Whitening Cream

a Swanson skin whitening cream container close-up

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With a rich formula that features a myriad of all-natural ingredients, Swanson Skin Whitening Cream ranks amongst the most reliable skin whitening products available. Even though it’s paraben-free, it has a smooth and delicious texture most people fall in love with. It also features a unique combination of lightening natural ingredients such as gigawhite.


  • This product features a unique combination of exotic, all-natural ingredients.
  • It does not use paraben or any other artificial ingredient for texture.
  • It features a high concentration of vitamin E.


  • If its container is left open for extended periods of time, the cream may dry up.

Price: $13.98.

5. Olay Natural White Day Cream

the Olay natural whitening cream container

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Featuring a unique triple vitamin formula, Olay’s Natural White goes a step further than most skin whitening products by promoting natural skin improvement. This smooth, rich and hydrating cream feels refreshing and delicious. In addition, it has SPF 24 protection from harmful UV rays.


  • Its triple action formula includes vitamin B3, vitamin pro-B5, and vitamin E.
  • It helps your skin achieve a healthy-looking, bright and smooth fairness.
  • It moisturizes the skin and protects it from UV rays.
  • Its gentle formula is perfect for daily use.


  • Because it has been created for daily use, its formula is not strong enough to produce immediate results.
  • People with advanced skin spotting may need to use it in combination with a cream that features bleaching properties.

Price: $14.90.

6. Rococo Revitalize Skin Lightening Cream

two containers of Rococo skin lightening cream

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Ranking high among the few skin whitening products without paraben, this cream is absorbed by the skin amazingly quick. Featuring wondrous ingredients like kojic acid, alpha arbutin, and bearberry licorice, it has a gentle bleaching effect that reduces pigmentation in the skin without leaving it looking opaque.


  • Its formula has the effect of dispersing melanin, making it perfect for lightening age spots.
  • It’s quickly and cleanly absorbed by the skin, leaving no residues.


  • The kojic acid may produce uncomfortable tingling sensations in people with very sensitive skin.
  • It’s not recommended for people with conditions such as melasma.

Price: $19.90.

Drawing to a Close

Without a doubt, these six products are more than capable of making an important difference in your skin. Not only will they reduce the appearance of dark spots and other skin imperfections, but they will also actually even out and brighten your skin tone, making you look healthier and more attractive.

Additionally, some of them provide other benefits such as moisturizing your skin and protecting it from UV rays. Do you have any favorite skin whitening products? Please share that information with us in the comments!

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