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When it concerns special services such as weaves and hair extensions, it’s best you visit someone who has a true expertise in these type of things. Many people can give haircuts, but only a trained select few can apply weaves and hair extensions. The Weave Shop is your safe haven for these services and is critically acclaimed at that.

The Weave Shop provides a wide array of styling of weaves, braids and hair extensions. In addition to that, they also offer a surfeit of hair styling and treatments, including cosmetic services. Yes, it may be called the Weave Shop but do not let that fool you. It retains many more dimensions.
Below are the latest Weave Shop prices.


Weave Packages

Silver Weave$50.00
Silver+ Weave$75.00
Signature Silver Weave$150.00
Gold Weave$85.00
Gold+ Weave$110.00
Signature Gold Weave$175.00
Platinum Weave$95.00
Platinum+ Weave$120.00
Signature Platinum Weave$185.00

Additional Weave Services

Quick Weave$60.00
Weave Retouch$45.00
Easy Wig$150.00
Braidless Sew-In$200.00
Braidless & Basic One Step$300.00
Braidless Retouch$100.00
Easy Weave$200.00
Easy Weave Retouch In Salon$100.00
Easy Weave Retouch Drop Off$65.00

Al a Carte Weave Services


Flat Iron$25.00
Signature Curls$45.00
Body Curls/Feathers$30.00
Detailed Cut$20.00
Razor Cut$30.00

Separate & Custom Units

Lace Closure$30.00
Invisible Part (Bond)$25.00
Invisible Part (Sew-In)$50.00
Clip-Ins (Bundle)$80.00
Clip-Ins (Per Track)$25.00

Braidless Sew-In

Per Track$30.00
Full Head Removal$50.00
Per Track Removal$12.00
Braidless Flat Iron$35.00

Color Services (Per Bundle Pricing)

1 Deposit$30.00
Highlights (1 Process)$50.00
High & Lowlights (2 Color)$55.00


Single Tracking$25.00
Circle Braid$10.00
Mini/Double Circular Braid$20.00
Mini Braid$15.00
VIP (Weekends Only)$25.00

Individual Tracks

Per Track (Sew-In)$15.00
Removal (Per Track)$7.00
Bonded (Per Track)$5.00

OMBRÉ (Per Bundle Pricing)

1 Color$25.00
2 Color$35.00
3 Color$45.00
Long & Thick$15.00 and up

OMBRÉ Weave (Installed Pricing)

1 Color$65.00
2 Color$75.00
3 Color$85.00
Partial Relaxer$35.00
Semi Hairline$25.00
Demi Hairline$30.00


Reused Hair$25.00
Curly to Straight$15.00
Extra Pack Hair$25.00
Long & Thick$15.00 and up

Maintenance Add-Ons

Tighten Up/Removal$25.00
Additional Track$7.00
Additional Braid$10.00
Comb Out$10.00
Pre-Service Trim$10.00
Bundle Shampoo$15.00

Weave (Installed Pricing)

1 Deposit$80.00
Highlights (1 Process)$100.00
High & Lowlights (2 Color)$130.00

Pony Tails

Basic Gelled$30.00
Sew-In Ponytail$50.00
Natural Hair Pressed$45.00


Basic Gelled$30.00
Sew-In Ponytail$50.00
Natural Hair Pressed$45.00

Natural Hair Packages

Silver Style$30.00
Gold Style$40.00
Signature Gold Style$79.00
Platinum Style$49.00
Signature Platinum Style$64.00

A la Carte Natural Hair Services


Shampoo/Blow Dry$20.00
Flat Iron$30.00
Body Curls/Feathers$20.00
Signature Curls$35.00
Detailed Cut$20.00

Natural & Relaxed Services

Silk Press$55.00
Short & Sassy Style$35.00
Ceramic Press$35.00
Basic One-Step (Includes Flat Iron)$120.00
Kid’s Basic One Step (Includes Flat Iron)$75.00


Deep Moisturizing Conditioner$10.00
Steamer Treatment$15.00
Protein Reconstructor Treatment$10.00
Therapeutic Shampoo and Deep Conditioner$10.00
Pre-Service Trim$15.00

Chemical and Coloring Services

Add-On Semi Color$20.00
Add-On Semi Color (Hairline)$12.00
Add-On Demi Color (Hairline)$15.00
Add-On Demi Color$25.00
Permanent Color with Flat Iron$65.00
High & Low Lights$120.00
Add-On Relaxer (Hairline)$55.00
Virgin Relaxer$60.00

Cosmetic Services

Silver with Wax$25.00
Silver+ with Wax$40.00
Gold with Wax$55.00
Platinum with Wax$65.00

Make-Up Services

Eyes Only$20.00
Eyes with Wax & Fill-In$30.00
Eyes with Individual Lashes (Natural)$35.00

Individual Lashes

Natural Set$20.00
Mixed Length$30.00

Eye Brows & Waxing

Natural Set$20.00
Brow Fill-In$5.00
Tweeze with Fill-In$15.00
Full Face with Strip Lashes$45.00
Eyes with Brow Razor & Fill-In$25.00
Eyes with Strip Lashes Only$35.00
Thick & Full$30.00
Wax with Fill-in$13.00
Full Face without Lashes (Includes Brows)$40.00
Full Face with Individual Lashes (Natural)$40.00
Razor with Fill-In$10.00

Hair Braiding Services

Braiding without Weave

Shampoo/Blow Dry$20.00
Designer Cornrows$40.00
Cornrow Ponytail$40.00
Flat Twist$50.00
Retwist Locks$65.00
2 Strand Twist$30.00

Braiding with Weave

Designer Cornrows$50.00
Sectional Cornrows$30.00
Sectional Micros$50.00
Perimeter Micros$65.00
Kinky Twist$85.00
Fishtail Braid$25.00
Individual & Up$100.00
Micros & Up$150.00

TWS Angels

Sunday & Monday Shampoo & Blow Dry Included (Ages 3-11)

Kids Take Down$15.00
Cornrows with Hair$35.00
Deep Conditioner$10.00
Cornrow Ponytail$45.00
Cornrow Ponytail with Hair$50.00
2 Strand Twist$35.00
Long & Thick$15.00
Basic 1-Step (Straightening System)$60.00


The Weave Shop ultimately came in its own because Latonya Saunderson, who built a steady career as a hair specialist in Atlanta, began working at a hair salon which became the early catalyst for the company. This is where she was given inspiration and decided to create her own salon as a result. What may have also aided in her quest is that Saunderson comes from a family of entrepreneur, hence her entrepreneurial intentions. It doesn’t hurt that she is also a licensed cosmetologist.

Her ultimate goal is to provide a comprehensive, competent salon at an unbeatable value for superior quality. She just doesn’t believe in an agenda where beautiful hair should be otherworldly expensive, almost to the point of unaffordability. Seeing as those are her intentions, it makes for a good Segway that Weave Shop offers amazing styles $50.

The Weave Shop, initially found in Atlanta, has expanded multiple branches out of state into Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, and others. She utilized franchising just as many other successful nationwide companies have, and it has proven effective as her small, humble idea has blossomed into a powerhouse chain that continues to expand.


Seeing as this is the Weave Shop, the amount of variations of weaves offered are endless, ever-expanding. Many of them come in packages that range from a modest $45 to a more lavish $95 (however, still very affordable). These packages are compromised to give the client more value for every dollar and more services as well. Cornrows, full lace wigs, sew-in ponytails and weave removals are just a few of the aforementioned packages.

Again, The Weave Shop is not one-dimensional as regular haircuts and treatments are also a course on the menu. Chemical services and hair coloring are also provided for straightening and relaxing purposes. They also house permanent and semi-permanent hair colors.

Regarding cosmetic services, they also offer a comprehensive selection of brow services and eyelash maintenance. Facial hair waxing is also provided for peach fuzz, upper lip and chin.

Specifically for hair straightening, The Weave Shop offers an extraordinary Malaysian hair straightening treatment. For permed curls, Caribbean curls are the specialty.

Now, for overall health and nourishment of the hair and scalp, The Weave Shop offers full hair and scalp analysis, along with growth vitamins and follicle therapy. They also incorporate the use of clean, high functioning equipment and products to assist in revitalizing the condition of the hair and scalp.

Alternatively, The Weave Shop has implemented a division known as the TWS Angels which provide hairstyling treatments and services for kids, such as cornrows, ponytails, and virgin relaxers.


The vital and most crucial factor about Weave Shop is that their services are utterly affordable and rarely do they ever exceed $100 per service. You truly receive “bang for your buck”, especially if you opt for the complete packages.

Weave Shop uses an “ala-carte” pricing system where each service, regardless of how big or small, is priced separately. This enables clientele to save money because they have complete control over choosing which services.

Basically, what makes Weave Shop amazing is the widespread varieties of services, not only weaves and extensions but also ranging from waxing, make up, eyebrows, etc. Therefore, it is fitting and convenient to visit Weave Shop because you can fulfill all of your needs and desires in just one session.

And all of these aforementioned perks work because the staff Weave Shop houses is trained to be experts and professionals in their departments. Not only accounting for the business side of it but Weave Shop specialists also aim to build and sustain relationships with their clientele as they give suggestions, accommodate, and dish out superior services. Because of these upstanding, talented staff members, The Weave Shop is an ideal one-stop shop for weaves, braids, hair extensions, cosmetics-anything you please, really.

It’s worth noting The Weave Shop is open seven days a week and encourage advanced appointments. Go on down and experience the undeniably diverse and consistent experience of Weave Shop!

To set up an appointment or for more information on The Weave Shop, please visit their official site at


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