Toe Nail Art Designs That Are Perfect For Summer

Written by Sierra Hamilton | Reviewed by Linda Simko Last Updated: March 16, 2024

The sun is shining, the air is getting warmer. Birds chirp in the morning and we hear the happy screams of children playing in the pool every afternoon. You know what that means? Summertime! We’re all ready to break out the sandals and sundresses, but first things first: pedicures! We know that pedicures can get a little pricey but we have good news for you! You can do your own toe nail art very easily with a few tips and pointers. So let’s dive in and get started!

Toe Nail Art: Triangles

Triangles are one of those shapes that are so normal and everyday but can really be used to give some extra pop to your nails. Geometric shapes are really popular right now, and that means triangles are really stylish. There’s a lot of different ways to use triangles so we’re here to give you a few ideas if you’re in need of a little inspiration!

Smaller triangles:


2 different colors of nail polish (if you’d like you can do a combination of matte and glossy nail polish)



Top coat (optional)

Before you begin, make sure your toenails are clean and free of polish. Dry them thoroughly and apply a base coat if you have a few extra minutes. This will protect your toenails from the color, and also help your polish to last longer. This is an especially great tip if you’re going to the beach or somewhere sandy.

Apply a coat of your choice of polish. This color will be the color of your triangles, so make sure you use the color you want for them. Apply the polish to your entire nail.

Cut four small triangles out of the tape. It works best to make the triangles tall and thin, rather than short and wide. You’ll find that they make your fingers look long and thin, where the shorter triangles will make your fingers look shorter.

Once the polish has dried, arrange your triangles with the bases toward the corner of your nail. Apply your second coat of polish to the nail, making sure your triangles stay in place and don’t bubble up. If you want to give a matte look, add a bit of cornstarch to a clear coat polish.

Once your nails are dry, remove the triangles and apply a glossy top coat to finish it off. Hello adorable DIY toe nail art triangles!



Toe Nail Art: Big Triangles

For large triangles, you follow the same process of the smaller triangles. However, use the right-angle that’s naturally created when using a piece of tape. Put the flat bottom across the base of your nail so that the point is reaching upward. Make sure the tape is as low as you can make it, right up against your cuticle. This will help avoid any pooling or softening of lines.

Once your tape is secured, paint the top layer of paint. Allow it to dry thoroughly, then remove the tape. If you are feeling extra-inspired, you can use a toothpick or small paintbrush to add designs to the triangle, after removing the tape. You can also use nail art pens to make intricate details. There’s an endless list of possibilities to make the toenail look however you want! Enjoy exercising your creative expression.



Toe Nail Art: Dual Color French Manicures

French manicures are a go-to for many of us. They’re simple, classic, and always make your outfit look a little bit classier. However, sometimes the same old french manicure can get a little boring or mundane. If you’re looking for a fresh way to spice up your everyday french manicure try a dual color mani!


Two different colors of Nail polish (if you’d like you can do matte and glossy nail polish)


Begin with a classic french manicure and a stripe across the end of your nail. Use a piece of tape to keep the line straight. Feel free to use non-traditional colors for the base of you mani. Who says it has to be nudes and white shades? It’s summertime, so spice it up a little!

Once your first stripe has dried, repeat the process to make the second stripe. The second stripe can be above or below your first stripe, whichever you prefer! Once the second stripe has dried, remove the tape and apply your top coat.



If you’re anything like us, doing DIY toenail art can be a little intimidating. We hope after reading this blog that you feel a little more confident! You can totally do this! Comment with your successes and feel free to post pictures of your adorable DIY toenail art designs!


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