Ulta Hair Extensions: Perfect for Most Hair Types and Occasions

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You love your short hair. Sometimes, though, you want long hair for the day. Ulta hair extensions can do that for you. Not only are they a great way to add length to short hair, but they can also add volume and length to long hair.

Some of us are constantly switching up our hairstyles. In the old days, it was frustrating because you were kind of stuck working with what you had. For instance, many years ago I had the bright idea to cut my butt length hair all the way up to my ears. Essentially, I went from Cher hair circa 1972 to Cher 1984. I instantly regretted my decision and wanted my long hair back. Ulta hair extensions, made from human hair, did that for me.

What Are Ulta Hair Extensions?

Ulta hair extensions
Image: screenshot, by Ulta Beauty, via Ulta.com

Ulta Beauty (formerly Ulta Spa) is a high-end national beauty chain. The company sells thousands of skincare, make-up, and other products for men and women. One of the products they sell is hair extensions. These hair extensions are primarily for women and men with fine hair. The extensions come in a variety of colors and styles.

One of their products is a French braid band. It sounds exactly like what it is, a braided piece of hair that works as a headband. You can also buy a wavy clip-in extension. The hairpiece clips into your hair and provides you with extra length, waves and volume.

You want a long ponytail but don’t have enough hair to pull it off? No problem. Ulta hair extensions line has a long pony that features a smooth band of wrap-around hair that attaches with hooks and loops. Ulta even sells an extension that looks like an up-do. All you have to do is wrap it around a bun or ponytail.

Basically, if you can think of a style, they probably have a clip in for you. The Ulta hair extensions line also has human hair extensions.

Human Hair Extensions Are the Real Deal

Ulta hair extensions come in human hair extensions
Image: CC0, by shc9607, via Pixabay

Human hair extensions are the most popular type of hair extensions. This is because they feel the most real. The reason for that is — you guessed it — they are made of real hair. Ulta hair extensions come in a variety of human hair colors.

The company sells some that people can put in themselves. The hair extensions have clips and can last well over a year if properly cared for. Just be careful whenever you brush your hair. Remember, just like with your natural hair, you don’t want to rip the brush through the extensions.

It’s also important to note that you want to go to an actual store and see what the product looks like before you purchase it. You can buy the Ulta hair extensions online, but it’s always best to see them up close first. This way you avoid not ordering enough clip-ins for the thickness you want to achieve.

Ulta also has salon services where you can get your extensions put in by a professional hairstylist.

Here is some more information about human hair extensions versus synthetic extensions:

Visit your local Ulta hair salon

As I mentioned, Ulta salons are all around the country. To find a location near you, all you have to do is either search Google quickly or follow this link.

Ulta hair extension cost

If you want to buy Ulta hair extensions online or in the store and put them in yourself, the price ranges from low to high. Here is a list of some of their clip-ins online:

Invisible Extension (20-inch halo): $79
Human Hair Highlight Extension (18 inches): $69
Wavy Extension: $99
Eight-piece Straight Extension Kit: $79
Long Wave Pony (23 inches): $21.98-$59
French Braid Band: $10
Human Hair Color Strip: $10
Highlight Wrap: $19

If you want to go to the salon to get Ulta hair extensions, you have to speak with a consultant. According to their website, the hair extension price varies depending on what you want. The salon uses Remy hair — the highest quality human hair extension. Each batch of this is hair that has all been cut from the same donor and has the cuticles intact.

Further, it’s important to note that Ulta does not just do extensions. The salons are full service. Here is an estimated list of the other things you can have done if you decide Ulta hair extensions are not for you:

Haircut and Style: $38 and up
Signature Haircut and Style: $48 and up
Bang and Neck Trim: $14 and up
Clipper Cut: $22 and up
Formal Style: $51 and up
Accent Highlights: $50 and up
All Over Highlights: $100 and up
Blowout: $28 and up
Relaxer: $85 and up
Redken EQ Glaze: $45 and up
Scalp Renew Treatment: $27 and up

The salon also offers skin treatments if you’d rather not touch your hair. They start at $10.

How to care for Ulta hair extensions

How to care for ulta hair extensions
Image: CC0, by Gratisography, via Pexels

Before you get extensions, I cannot stress how important it is that you know how to take care of them. If you do not care for the extensions properly, you are going to look like a hot mess.

If you have clip-in extensions, you must remove them before you go to bed. Wash them monthly with lukewarm water and gentle shampoo. After they are washed and conditioned, pat them dry with a towel. Then take your extensions and hang them in a well-ventilated area.

Do not brush the extensions while wet. Use a clean comb to brush them out. You can de-frizz the extensions with water and fabric softener.

Sewn-in extensions have to be cared for a little differently. Before you go to bed, you need to detangle it. Use a wide-toothed comb to brush it out. If you just had them put in, you’ll want to wait a few days. Do not comb them straight from the roots.

You will want to wash your hair every other day with a gentle shampoo. Your stylist can recommend a shampoo for you. When you condition the hair, be sure you do not overdo it or they will fall out.

After your hair is washed, make sure you dry it completely. Use a low heat setting. Finally, when you go to sleep, put it up and cover it with a scarf or hair net. Do not go to bed with it down or the extensions can loosen and fall out.

The key to caring for extensions is to be gentle and patient. You do not want to yank at your hair, or they will fall out. Also, make sure that you keep your hair moisturized and avoid heat styling.

Get the Hair You’ve Always Dreamed Of

Whether you have long or short hair or you just want more volume, Ulta hair extensions are perfect for you. Just make sure that you check out the different types in person before you order them. Also, if you do not have an Ulta salon near you, make an appointment with a stylist who knows how to put them in for you. The only time you don’t have to do that is if you buy clip-ins.

No matter what type of extensions you buy, though, you have to care for them well. Follow your stylist’s instructions and go easy on them when you brush. As long as you do that, you’ll love your extensions.


Featured image: CC0, by Spencer Selover, via Pexels


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