The trend lately is natural hairstyles and if you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, now is definitely a good time to do so. The Natural Hair Movement is a time where everyone (that includes women, men and even kids) fearlessly sport their hair in a natural state. Now this style is back with a vengeance. If you want to stand out, trying out some natural hairstyles will certainly do the trick.

Here are the 12 most popular natural hairstyles you can choose from:

Two-Strand Twist natural hairstyles1. Two-Strand Twist
It’s very easy to create this hairstyle. All you have to do is to wash and moisturize your hair, blow dry it and then section small portions prior to twisting.

2. Blowout
You can use this hairstyle of you want a fluffier or fuller hair. You can choose from Brazilian, Dominican and Japanese blowouts. There’s even a heatless option if you don’t want to dry out your hair.

3. Box Braids
Remember Janet Jackson’s hairstyle in Poetic Justice? That’s called box braids and it’s an excellent choice if you would the perfect mix of sassy and braids natural hairstyles

4. Bantu Knots
This hairstyle actually protects your hair and moisturizes it. You can wear it while out on a Sunday afternoon or even for a night out with your girlfriends.

5. Roll, Tuck and Pin
This is one of the simplest natural hairstyles you can use. Simply roll your hair, tuck it in and pin it using some handy dandy hairpins. This is the perfect hairstyle for a nice dinner with your loved one.

6. Goddess Braids
This hairstyle is very chic and classy. To do it, make sure you blow-dry your hair, part the back down right at the center and then start braiding from the parted portion all the way to the back.

7. Top Knots
This is a great hairstyle to create a carefree look. Simply create a large bun on top of your head and secure with a pin.

8. Half and Half
This hairstyle is best for wavy hair. The upper half of the hair should be braided and the lower half will be down. This natural hairstyle gives your hair a loose fishtail braid.

Twist Out Scarf Updo natural hairstyles9. Twist Out Scarf Updo
Simply divide your hair into two and tie at the back. Add a scarf like a hairband and that’s it.

10. Twisty Topknot
If you have naturally curly hair this is a good hairstyle for you. Tie your entire hair up high. Make into several knots and tuck them in with a pin.

11. 1940s Hairstyle
Long Afro natural hairstylesThis is perfect for straight and thick hair. Divide your hair into two parts, the first part being the one above your forehead. Tie the second part with a rubber band at the back of your head. Hold the first section of hair in place using a pin. Then hold the second section at the back with some hair pins. Spray to keep them in place.

12. Long Afro
This is an excellent style for women with curly, thick and healthy hair. Simply moisturize your hair properly, blow dry it and add volumizing mousse.

How to Maintain Natural Hair:

Going natural is always the best thing you can do for your hair but you have to maintain your mane properly so it looks healthy and beautiful.

First off, you should avoid using too many products. Doing so will only cause your hair to become greasy or weighed down. It gets even more difficult if you have curly hair as your hair tends to be on the dry side. Having said that, applying leave-in natural hair moisturizers would certainly help.

Before transitioning to natural hairstyles, do your research and figure out which is the best option for you. If you don’t want to do the BIG CHOP, that’s perfectly alright. You can do so gradually until you feel comfortable.

In addition, do take time to experiment with various hairstyles such as the ones we have provided above. You also need to be willing to try styles you’ve never tried before and play with accessories. The more willing you are to try new things for your hair, the better the outcome.