Summer is the time for having fun and looking your best. People usually associate it with bright colors, beaches, road trips, margaritas, cold beers, barbecues and pool parties.

If you’ve been looking forward to summer all year long, then it’s only right to want to make the most out of it. After all, summer only happens for a few months each year. Look your best by working out, eating healthy and of course trying out some of the best womens summer hairstyles.

This year, the best womens summer hairstyle trends is a mix of old and new. Here are the most popular that we’ve gathered so far:

1. Sleek Pixie

Take a look at Shailene Woodley’s latest pixie haircut and you’ll know why it’s become such a hit. Have your hairstylist cut your hair at the nape and long on top. Part your hair sideways and voila! A stylish summer hair style.

2. Gentle A-Line

Emma Roberts’ hairstyle is uber stylish. Cut your hair shorter at the back and let it fall in rounded edges in the front. This hairstyle is perfect for straight hair.

3. Wavy Lob

Look sexy with long bits of hair in the front. Keep hair just barely brazing your collarbones. Add highlights to add sophistication to this style.

4. Deep Sweep

If you have long wavy hair, you can style it in a deep sweep which can add glam to your look. Lightly tease your hair on one part of your head and create a side part. Secure hair with a clip at eye level and finish with hairspray.

5. Coiled Chignon

This hairstyle takes a fresh spin on the ballerina bun. For this hairstyle, add texturizing pomade to straightened hair and sweep it into a low ponytail at the nape. Secure with an elastic band and then separate the ponytail in two parts. Twist each one tightly from roots to ends and then form bumps. Secure them underneath your ponytail with some bobby pins.

6. Ombre

Add ombre highlights for just a slight touch of sunkissed glow similar to Sofia Vergara’s hairstyle. This one’s hot for summer.

7. Towering Topknot

If your hair is frizzy, you can follow Queen Latifa’s hair to hide it. Pull your hair into a high ponytail, secure it using an elastic bond and then divide the hair into sections, spread it around and secure underneath the ponytail with a pin. Layer different parts of your hair to create an interesting and clean look.

8. Side Swept Braid

Braids are excellent womens summer hairstyles and the side swept braid is definitely awesome for the beach. Create a semi-loose braid on one side, spray all over and that’s it!

9. Tussled Bun

This timeless chic bun is always going to be a hit. The flyaways make it suitable for summer and you can wear this hairstyle regardless of age.

halle berry summer hairstyles10. Spunky Cut

Remember Halle Berry’s haircut? It’s perfect for summer! You simply cannot go wrong with this one. Add large earrings and bangles and you’ll be all set for the summer season. The nice thing 2about the spunky cut is that it requires little maintenance and styling and you don’t have to worry about keeping hair off your face!

How to Take Care of Your Hair During Summer

Summer is the hottest time of the year and because you’re always going to be out having fun in the sun, you run the risk of ruining your hair. Thus, it’s important to properly take care of your mane. If you want your tresses to look shiny and healthy all year long, make sure to do the following:

1. Trim your hair regularly. Trimming and cutting an inch or two of hair every couple of months will help prevent split ends and keep it in excellent condition.

2. Always wear a scarf or hat when going out in the sun. You can also use shampoos and hair care products that have keratin so as to protect each strand.

3. Don’t wash your hair everyday. It’s better to wash it every other day because the sweat and dust that abound during summer will strip off your hair of essential oils.

4. Don’t use sticky gels and extra strong hairsprays in the summer. These things do more harm than good to your hair.