With more than 15 years providing men’s hairstyling and grooming, 18/8 Salon is one of the most reputable names in the business. Carried out by expert professional hairstylists, the services offered at 18/8 aim at helping men look their absolute best. The result is a salon that truly is a one-stop shop for men’s styling. With all of that in mind, the present guide will go over the most important aspects of the salon’s services, but not before providing a list of 18/8 salon prices.

18/8 Salon Prices

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What Are 18/8 Salon’s Services and Why Should You Try Them?

Specializing in grooming and styling treatments for men, 18/8 Salon offers a wide range of services with the objective of helping customers look (and feel) their best. The low 18/8 salon prices are only adding to a rich self-care experience.

A Salon for Men with Professional Staff

Each and every one of 18/8 Salon’s services is provided by styling professionals with a considerable amount of experience in men’s care. All the services are carried out in an elegant, relaxing, and welcoming environment, using high-quality products and the most advanced hairstyling tools.

Without a doubt, one of the most important reasons why 18/8 has gained notoriety is its modern, elegant, and culturally-aware approach to men’s haircuts. Each haircut is carefully planned by taking into account both the customer’s desires and the opinions of a consulting hairstylist. After that, the execution of the haircut is expertly carried out flawlessly by one of 18/8 Salon’s professionals.

18/8 Packages Include Grooming Treatments

In addition to its high-quality haircuts, 18/8 offers a variety of grooming treatments. They include facial treatments, scalp treatments, nail treatments and more. As if that was not enough, the salon also offers various special services designed to give you a flawless, refined and elegant look. They included different types of shaves, waxing procedures and coloring procedures.

18/8 Salon History and Growth

The Beginnings

In the year 2002, Ron Love opened the first 18/8 salon in California with the intention of providing high-quality grooming services for men in the area. Having worked as a professional hairstylist for years, Ron had noticed there weren’t many options for men in the realm of hairstyling and grooming. As a result, he decided to change that.

Initially, Ron Love did not even consider the possibility of turning the business into a franchise. He was happy running a single salon with utmost efficiency. However, it wasn’t long before the success of the salon had him convinced about expanding the business.

The Franchise Now

After opening new various salons with great success, Ron decided to franchise the brand with the intention of opening 20 new locations in the state of California. After those 20 stores were up and running, Love decided to continue expanding 18/8 by licensing more franchises outside of California.

Today, the salon has 90 locations in the United States with special 18/8 salon prices. Each and every one of these locations is modeled after the original 18/8 salon. The formula uses a handbook and a specific system that help maintain continuity and consistency. The ultimate goal is to provide customers with a reliable, trustworthy service that’s always of the same high quality.

18/8 Salon’s Offers and Promotional Packages

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In order to help satisfied customers share their joy, 18/8 has set up a gift card service. There are two types of 18/8 gift cards: virtual and physical. They range in price from $25 to $400 which add to the special offers of the 18/8 Salon prices.

Why Should You Go to This Salon? What Are People Saying about It?

Without a doubt, 18/8 provides a series of services that have great value. Catering exclusively to men, the salon offers refined hairstyling and grooming services with the goal of helping its customers look their absolute best.

Taking into account the most relevant and modern hairstyling and grooming trends, each and every one of these services has been carefully designed to yield the best results. As a matter of fact, most customers love 18/8 because it allows them to reach their potential in terms of elegance and poise.

However, they keep returning due to the salon’s relaxing environment. The warm, the experienced professionals that work there provide a friendly personal service. In addition, it’s noteworthy that, despite the incredible quality of the salon’s prices, 18 8 salon prices are very affordable.

18/8 Salon Hours

Most 18/8 Salon locations are open during regular business hours during weekdays. On weekends, most locations are open between 9 AM and 5 PM. It is advisable, however, to contact your local 18/8 salon in order to find out what its particular policy regarding operational hours is.

In Conclusion

After going through the most important characteristics of 18/8 Salon, it’s easy to conclude that the salon offers an important, valuable set of services that benefit men all over the United States. Despite the quality of these services, 18/8 Salon prices are very reasonable and affordable. Have you tried the services offered by this salon before? If so, let us know in the comments!

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