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There is no doubt that parents love seeing their kids sporting a cool, elegant and age-appropriate look. Of course, one of the most important elements of this look is the haircut. For that reason, most parents take their children to a kids hairstyling salon several times a year. However, kids tend to dislike hairstyling salons, often finding them boring and threatening. For that reason, it’s great that places like Snip-Its exist. Providing quality haircuts in a fun and kid-friendly environment, Snip-Its is a kids salon that aims at making everyone involved happy. Apart from listing Snip-Its prices, this guide will provide information regarding the salon’s services.

Snip Its Prices


Snip-Its Prices for Basic Services

happy small boy in light colored clothes standing barefoot on the floor of a white room
Shampoo & Haircut$27.00
Shampoo, Haircut & Finish$30.00
Bang Trim$12.00
1st Haircut Package$30.00

Snip-Its Prices for Special Services

Party Style / Up-Do$25.00 and up
French Braiding$25.00 and up

Snip Its Prices for Spa Services

Mommy and Me Spa$96.00
Pamper Package (Up-Do, Make-Up, Manicure, Pedicure)$49.00
Spa Package (Manicure, Pedicure, Facial)$48.00
Ice Cream Spa Service Upgrade$8.00

What Are Snip-Its Salon’s Services and Why Should You Try Them?

A Hairstyle Salon Tailored to Kids’ Need for Fun

In each one of its locations, Snip-Its offers a series of hairstyling and spa services oriented towards toddlers and children. Apart from delivering high-quality, modern haircuts and hairdos, the salon offers fun activities, engaging conversation and other types of positive reinforcement for kids. The result is an overall enjoyable experience.

Snip-Its Salon’s hairstyling services can be best described as varied and professional. They range from the simple creation of hairdos to more complex services such as French braiding. Of course, the Salon also offers a variety of haircuts. Parents can also request additional services such as shampoo and wash, massage or blow dry.

Taking into account the fact that its clientele is made up of kids, the salon has a policy of using the safest tools only. Further ensuring a perfectly safe and relaxed environment, each and every one of the Salon’s hairstylists has been extensively trained to handle kids with care and patience.

Snip-Its Offers Various Styles for the Little Ones

In terms of haircuts, Snip-Its offers a wide variety of options in the categories of cuts for boys, girls or unisex. As if that wasn’t enough, the salon offers a series of specialty styles. Some of these styles are meant for special occasions such as birthday parties, recitals or school happenings. For kids who just want to have fun, the salon also offers kid-safe and washable color streaks.

In addition to hairstyling services, Snip-It Salon is capable of providing relaxing and pampering spa services such as pedicures, manicures, and facials. Customers may also request the Pamper and the Spa packages in order to get a full service at a reduced cost.

Snip-Its Salon History & Growth

In 1993, a hairstylist by the name of Joanna Meiseles opened the first Snip-Its hair salon for kids in Framingham, Massachusetts. The concept behind the salon was creating a salon that catered particularly to young children and toddlers.

Apart from providing high-quality haircuts, Joanna wanted to provide a fun, personal experience that little boys and girls would enjoy. Soon, the salon rose to prominence in the city, resulting in a high level of demand for its service.

Deciding to expand the brand, in 2003, Joanna established the Snip-its women-owned franchise program. Today, with 65 different locations in 26 states, Snip-Its is the fastest growing children haircuts chain in the United States.

Snip-Its Salon’s Offers and Promotional Packages

In order to treat its little customers, Snip-Its Salon offers a series of rewards and prizes. Whenever they register, children will receive a Snip-its Adventure Club card. This special item will allow them to gain and accumulate points that can later be exchanged for Magic Box Prizes.

Additionally, the salon is always coming up with special promotions and packages that allow customers to save money and get rewards. As if that was not enough, Snip-Its refer-a-friend program offers customers a five-dollar discount for every referral.

Why Should You Go to This Salon? What Are People Saying about It?

beautiful little girl with long blonde curls lying on the floor of her bedroom

Without a doubt, Snip-Its has gained an incredible amount of notoriety due to its fresh and unique concept. It takes haircutting, a process that many children dislike going through, and makes it fun through a series of kid-friendly features and complementary activities. By doing this, the salon manages to entertain these children, ensuring they will love to return the next time a haircut is needed.

In addition to its concept and business model, Snip-Its is beloved due to the impressively high quality of its services. Performed by expert hairstylists and spa professionals, these services yield excellent results each time. Despite their professionalism, though, the hairstylists at Snip-Its are warm and friendly. This cordial attitude helps children relax and enjoy themselves during the entire process.

As if that was not enough, Snip-Its is incredibly affordable. In fact, Snip-Its prices allow most families to get several services performed at once, increasing its overall value. All in all, Snip-Its is a kid and family-friendly salon that places as much emphasis on creating a fun environment as it does on providing quality haircuts.

Snip-Its Salon Hours

Most Snip-Its Salon locations are operational between 9 AM and 5 PM. However, in order to confirm the opening hours of your local Snip-Its Salon location, you may contact it directly through a phone call or consult the location-finder on the chain’s Snip-Its official website.

In Conclusion

After going through all the features and characteristics of Snip-Its, it can be concluded that this salon offers valuable services. Parents and kids alike are going to appreciate this level of professionalism. Have you tried any of these services? If you have, let us know your opinion in the comments!

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