​Fall might be associated with shorter days and some sort of gloom, but it is actually the perfect time to try a new look.

You may have tried highlights in the past, but how about some fall-inspired lowlights? And if you ever thoughts of a sunset-colored hair, now is the time to give it a try. Whether it is a short colorful haircut, or a long multilayered hairstyle, fall is the time to try out something new.

The 10 fun and stylish hair colors below will prove that fall can be an amazing season for a fantastic hair makeover.

​Fall Hair Colors to Consider

Fall Hair Colors to Consider

The most timeless hair colors for the fall include burnt reds, oranges and chocolate hues, warm golden and brown tones, copper and mahogany shades. These colors might be daring, but most of all, they will be stylish.

In the upcoming fall season, consider adding some fun accents like copper or strawberry blonde strands, charcoal and pink undertones. Darker lowlights and deep royal colors will also come in handy to put your mark on a new hairstyle for the fall.

Check out the 10 fun and stylish fall hair colors below for some inspiration.

​1. Lowlights

​If you ever considered coloring your hair darker, the fall is the time to do it. Lowlights are the trendy opposite of highlights, and let you gradually change your hair color without committing to dying all of it at once.

Dying your hair darker in lower layers and around the neck will provide a sense of dimension and movement, creating a fun, dynamic look for the fall. It will also give you some time to get used to a new color before deciding whether to change it for good.

​2. Mushroom Brown

​A matte-brown color looks very natural and earthly. It goes well with any other color on the fall palette, so you can add some darker lowlights or golden strands.

This kind of brown is well-suited for those of us who want a gradual change in hair color. It is a little subdued, but can be made livelier by a few lighter strands.

​3. Royal Plum

​While plum remains a fall color, it also gives hair an aura of royalty and excitement. Even a few layers of plum strands along with the natural dark hair color can give an effect of a rich, royal look.

For additional glamour, you can curl your hair to showcase different hair color variations, adding more dimension to your fall look. Plum can look absolutely great on both short and long hair alike, depending on how you style it.

​4. Pumpkin Spice

​Pumpkin spice defines the fall season. And no fall can be perfect without pumpkin spice. So, it is the perfect season for pumpkin spice hair – especially for brunettes and redheads. It is cozy, yet gorgeous, unique, yet versatile. For different variations of the pumpkin spice hair color, try peachy, burnt orange balayage with your natural hair color.

This flawless feminine look is rather low-maintenance. You can make it even more stunning if you pair it with light waves or curls and light brown makeup.

​5. Espresso Ombre

​Ombre is a stylish hair color trend for the fall. It can be subtle or extreme, depending on how you apply it, and espresso puts it on the subtler side of the spectrum.

The key to achieving this fall hair color is by choosing a multi-dimensional shade. The hot-and-spicy espresso highlights will make your hair look beautiful and cozy.  Lighter ends finish the look with creamy touches, making your hair look unique and chic.

​6. Charcoal Grey

Charcoal greys will allow your hair to get a new metallic vibe for the fall. This is a rather alluring look, with ice whites and edgy silver strands combined with darker shades to create a unique, sleek fall style.

This hair color idea is very different from the traditional warm fall looks, but it also emanates hyper-modern, trendy vibe. It is an amazing fall hair color, but could be a great transitional look from fall to winter as well.

​7. Cream Soda

​The creamy blonde hair is a wonderful choice for the fall if you’re tired of dark shades. It is created with creamy beige colors, which give the blonde hair a warm tone.

If you have naturally dark hair and are worried about changing it to blonde, you may want to try baby highlights in beige. Creamy soda is a comforting fall hair color look that will go well with almost any makeup and dress style.

​8. Fall Sunset

​Orange and red belong together in the fall – try using a few shades of each to achieve a “sunset look” that is both exciting and soothing. The dreamy colors of the sunset will make your hair look fresh and ready for any fall adventures. This hair color looks especially gorgeous with blue eyes, and can be emphasized even more nicely with a light brown makeup.

​9. Burnt Orange

​If you are a natural redhead who wants a new look for the fall, the burnt orange hair color might be the way to go. It is a carefree, cool way to embrace the fall with a colorful hairstyle.

Tones of red, pumpkin and creamy orange mix together, rendering a stunning burnt orange look. These mixed colors will make your hair look more vivid, while still giving you the freedom of a low-maintenance style and cozy fall mood.

​10. Crayon Box

​Crayon box takes the burnt orange up a notch, and it is probably the most “out-of-the-box” type-of hair color you can try in the fall. It is inspired by the shades of a desert sunset, with multiple tones of deep pink and burnt orange that play well on a base of black or dark brown locks.

The hairstyle is very interesting and unexpectedly stylish, especially when paired with deep purple or emerald accessories.

​Other Tips and Considerations


When deciding on a new hair color for the fall, consider a few other things that may affect whether a particular color is right for you.

​Skin Tone

​Skin tone is important when deciding what hair color will be the best one for you. First, look at the undertones in your skin:

  • ​For cooler skin undertones, apply a bluer based blonde (e.g., wheat, champagne or strawberry).
  • ​For warmer skin undertones, apply chocolate shades or deep golden highlights (chestnut, chocolate caramel and dirty blonde are great too)

Eyebrows Color

Coloring your hair darker means your brows may need a color adjustment to match. For the most natural look, the rule of thumb is to pick a shade that matches the lightest highlight in your hair.

​More Colors

​As the temperatures go down, the color of our hair can get warmer. This can be achieved in a variety of ways, from applying lowlights to deepening your base shade.

Ombre and balayage are other great ways to incorporate multidimensional shades and depth into your fall hairstyle without making a sudden transition to an entirely new color.

​Taking Care of Your Hair

​Maintaining beautifully looking hair is not an overnight task. It requires a proper and dedicated hair care regimen that you can consequently follow.

We all want gorgeous and healthy tresses, but most of us end up with our dull and lifeless hair that we hope to revive with a new color. Here is how we can not only make our hair look great in a new fall hair color, but also make the color last longer.

  • ​Use shampoo only once or twice a week.
  • ​Apply dry shampoo instead.
  • ​Stay away from blow-drying.
  • ​Choose high quality hair products.
  • ​Don’t condition your hair before coloring.
  • ​Don’t sleep with wet hair.
  • ​Don’t wash your hair in hot water.
  • ​Don’t let your hair in contact with too much chlorine (e.g., at swimming pools).

​Check out a few more care tips for colored hair at Elle and Matrix.

​Fall Hair Color for Your Lifestyle

Fall Hair Color for Your Lifestyle

When choosing the fall hair color trend, think about a style that will suit your needs and sense of aesthetics, but also keep your lifestyle and schedule in mind. Some of the looks may require several hours of salon time to achieve, while others are quick DYI touch-ups.

Some looks require re-coloring every 4 to 6 weeks, while others last longer with your natural hair color. Consider all these things when deciding on your new fun and stylish fall hair color.