3 DIY Beauty Hacks to Win The Look

Written by Sierra Hamilton | Reviewed by Linda Simko Last Updated: March 16, 2024

Today’s woman face universal concerns regarding beauty and health while remaining perplexed about making the right choices when it comes to self grooming. From finding the right pair of jeans that fits perfectly, to cooking up some home remedies for a flawless skin, women spend hours playing Sherlock to feel and appear beautiful.

So girls, in order to help with all the mumbo jumbo, we have unleashed some of the very basic yet life changing beauty secrets right out from the world of glitz and glam.


Yes girls, thinner brows are a major fashion catastrophe this time round and so, we are still aspiring to get the Cara Delevingne set of brows.

Women who have sparse brows and think they need a little highlight in that area, just need to apply a little bit of castor oil over the brows.

Keep this practice regular, and you will visibly notice a thicker and more stated brow set. A little natural beauty goes a long way.


Mascara is that element of the sacred makeup procedure, women cannot forget to leave out. Any make over or statement is incomplete without the application of mascara, however you deserve to know the finest hack to give your beautiful lashes a heavier volume than usual.

This can be simply be done by avoiding stroking the lash, but instead stamping it towards the eye. The technique helps in depositing color towards the upper lashline which creates an illusion of thicker and fuller brows.

To pump things up, do not forget to give the lower lash the same treatment as it creates an intense look and brings together the entire makeover.


Most of us are not aware that some of the tiny facial hair is still present on our face, even after a long day at the spa. They are quite invisible but interfere when applying foundation or basic makeup on the face.

One way to prevent this from happening is, apply the foundation strokes in a downward motion. This helps giving your face a smoother, finer and a flawless finish.

Redefine your look today with these intelligent hacks and enjoy the perfection as you go. Cheers!


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