The Ultimate Guide of Wearing Crop Tops

Written by Sierra Hamilton | Reviewed by Linda Simko Last Updated: March 16, 2024

The trend of crop tops started last year, and it is a very popular fashion trend in 2015 as well. They are arguably one of the biggest summer trends, and one great thing about them is that they are comfortable and look super cute. Although it’s quite easy to style or wear a crop top, but sometimes you might have a hard time doing so. If you have tried wearing crop tops before and not liked them on yourself or if you are just adopting the crop top trend; then these tips are surely going to help you out big time! Once you are done going through these simple and easy tips, you will be wearing crop tops with confidence in absolutely no time at all!

Dress for your body type…

When picking out clothes, you need to identify your body type. The same goes for crop tops, since different crop tops looks good on different body types. Just because that crop top looked good on your friend doesn’t mean that it will suit you too. A crop top can look unflattering if you are not dressing for your body type. Once you start wearing crop tops that are made for your body, you will fall in love with them.

Wearing a crop top does not mean you have to show too much skin…

Crop tops look great with high waited skirts, short or jeans rather than wearing them with low rise jeans or shorts. But, obviously since it’s a crop top, a little bit of skin would show, and that is what’s exactly in style.

The neckline of your crop top matters as well…

You should be aware of the neckline that best suits you. Whether it’s a round neck, a high neck or a V-neck; you need to think about it when you are purchasing crop tops. If you don’t like the way a crop top looks on you, then that is probably because you are not wearing a neckline that you adore.

Balance out your outfit when wearing a crop top…

You are showing a little more skin than usual when you are wearing a crop top, so it’s a smart move to try and keep the focus on just one part of your body. When you are playing up with your top, don’t try to do the same with your bottom. It is very important that you tone down the rest of your look.

It’s important to know your best area…

This might sound a bit silly, but find that spot on your torso that looks great in a crop top. Finding the right placement can definitely change the way you look while wearing a crop top. If you have worn crop tops before but didn’t like how you looked, then it’s time to go for a different placement.

Crop tops and confidence go hand in hand…

The most important part of wearing a crop top is that you are wearing it with confidence. If you don’t feel confident in what you are wearing, then it’s going to affect how you look.


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