Makeup Tricks Every Woman Should Know

Written by Sierra Hamilton | Reviewed by Linda Simko Last Updated: March 16, 2024

As women, we love putting on makeup – some of us more than others. Who said you have to be a professional to have flawless makeup? Regardless, if you enjoy makeup, you’ll be surprised to learn some of my tricks that I am about to share with you.

Keep a Plastic Spoon Handy for Applying Mascara

That’s right, you can use a plastic spoon to help you apply mascara to the bottom of your lashed. Gently place the spoon under your bottom lashes and start applying the mascara. This will help you accomplish a thicker coat, without getting it all over your skin.

Disguise Your Under Eye Bags

Do you have bags under your eye? Many people choose to apply a layer of concealer in order to hide them. If you really want to hide those bags, you should highlight the crease, then put a darker shade on the puffy area.

Highlight Your Eyes

When trying to create beautiful eye makeup that looks natural, the placement of the highlights is important. The lighter colors, such as pearls, creams and whites, will need to be applied in the middle of the eye, in the corner and right under your brow bone. The lightest colors should be applied first, then move to your darker shades and blend.

Exfoliate Your Lips

I like to use a baby toothbrush in order to exfoliate my lips. You can make a homemade lip exfoliate out of coconut oil and sugar.


For Bigger Eyes

Do you normally line your water line with dark eyeliner? Stop. Get a white eye pencil and line your waterline with the white. This will make your eyes look bigger than they really are.

Colorful Eye Shadow

Many times, I found a nice vibrant color of shadow I liked, but when I applied it, it had a dull appearance … that’s not what I was aiming for. I found a technique that really makes those colors pop – it involves applying a white base before you apply the color. Take your white eyeliner and cover your entire lid, then apply the color.

Make Your Lips Appear Larger

Many women aim for lips that look like Angelina Jolie’s, but not all are able to accomplish it. Here’s a trick – line your lips outside of the natural line – not too much though, just slightly. If you line them too much, you’re going to look like a clown.

A Downward Stroke

When you wash your face and put lotion on it, you use upward strokes – this will help lessen those fine lines. However, when you’re applying powder and foundation, you should do so in downward strokes. Hair on our face has a tendency to grow downwards. When you apply the makeup to your face in an upward stroke, it makes that little peach fuzz stick straight up.
These are makeup tips I believe every woman should know. Go ahead, take one of these techniques and give it a try!


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