9 Unique Beauty Tips

Written by Sierra Hamilton | Reviewed by Linda Simko Last Updated: March 16, 2024

Before you continue to slather your skin with all of those chemicals in hopes to “look younger for a longer period of time” and “stay beautiful,” there’s a question you should think about – is this your ONLY option for beauty? The answer – no, there’s many options you can turn to, you just have to find them. Have a look at these nine unique beauty tips below.

A Cold Shower

Some of you may not like taking cold showers, but believe it or not, it is good for you. When you take a cold shower, it increases your blood flow and gives your skin a beautiful glow. In addition to this, it will tighten your pores.

Tighten Pores with Aluminum Foil

Speaking in tightening pores, this is a pretty good trick. Take a sheet of aluminum foil, fold it up in a nice square and put it in the freezer. Once it is chilled, you can place it on your face. Not only will this tighten pores, it will also reduce any puffiness you may have.

A Raw Honey Facial Mask

Have you ever considered using raw honey as a facial mask? This is certainly better than most products in the store. Plus, raw honey is great for sensitive skin. It contains gluconic acid, which can promote collagen renewal, exfoliate, and increase elasticity. As an added benefit, due to the natural sugar, it will also help moisturize your skin. All you have to do is put some raw honey on your face, just as you would any other mask and leave it on for a total of thirty minutes. After thirty minutes, rinse your face with warm water.

When Applying Mascara

When you put your mascara on, do you start with your top lashes? Most people do. However, think about it – when you start with the top lashes, you tilt your head down as you do the bottom ones. This causes little streaks to get all over the eye shadow you just applied. Here’s a simple tip – start with the bottom lashes first, then work your way up to the top ones.

Layer Your Lipstick

To make your lipstick stay on longer, apply it and blog three times. This will build layers, making it stick to your lips for a longer period of time.

Use a Spoon to Eliminate Puffiness

Take a simple spoon and put it in the refrigerator for 5 minutes. When it is cold, place it on your eye. This will help eliminate puffiness around your eyes.

An Easy Scrub by the Water

The next time you are on the beach, you can create an easy scrub – sand mixed with water. This is natural and one of the healthiest ways to do it.

Use a Strawberry to Whiten Your Teeth

Take a strawberry, mash it up into a paste and use your brush to brush it onto your teeth. Do this a couple of times and you will notice your teeth getting whiter. This is because the strawberry has a high acid content. Of course, in order to reduce acidity in your mouth, you need to rinse thoroughly afterwards and don’t do this every day because of the acidity.

A Natural Lip Stain

Lip stains are a trend right now and you may have some in your refrigerator. Beetroot! This purple/red vegetable will do wonders for your lips. Put a little bit of its color on your lips and you have your very own, natural lip stain.

Those are nine unique beauty tips that you could start using today. Who would have ever thought you could put beet roots on your lips or use a spoon to reduce puffiness?


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