5 Best Men’s Colognes 2024

Written by Sierra Hamilton | Reviewed by Linda Simko Last Updated: March 16, 2024

Cologne is a man’s outlet. It’s how he expresses who he is and what his motives are. You can learn a lot from a man based on what cologne he decides to sport. For example, you can make the difference between who is a boy and who is a real man. It is important to smell like what your ambitions are: strong, graceful, and….tasteful. With that being said, here are the top 5 men’s colognes that not only make you insatiable but a new man altogether.

John Varvatos Vintage Mini Cologne1. John Varvatos is a bold, sharp, and masculine cologne comprised of balsamic, amber and leather undertones. If you long to smell like that fine piece of mahogany fresh out the package, look no further. An elegant and distanced scent, the relaxed power can only convey confidence in a male. The attention to detail, the detail of the attention, John Varvatos is a winner’s sweat so to speak. And for $35 for a 4.2 oz bottle, you won’t be breaking your bank but you will be breaking some hearts.

s287557-main-Lhero2. 50+ essences ranging from lemon and lavender to sandalwood and vanilla. Masculinity, strength, ability. It sounds too good, too defined, maybe even too extreme. However, this scent can only impress. It is Hanae Mori cologne and it is very much a thing. An extravagant, lavish thing. With a warm, oriental scent on full display an attempt at humility will be unnecessary. You will just slip into it without notice. Price: $66

issey-miyake33. L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme – #3 cologne on the list was created by Issey Miyake. A woody scent hinted with spicy notes, L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme truly exemplifies the Eastern Yin and Yang. And just as many of the other colognes on this list, it is laced with notes such as mandarin, sandalwood, rosemary, and ginger. How about taking a walk on the boardwalk of a beach on a brisk night donning this fresh, warm cologne? How does that sound? Sounds ideal. And one unique thing about this particular cologne is it’s also scented with tobacco. That only makes for a richer, darker scent. And a very affordable cologne ranging from $35 to $55 depending on where you purchase it from.

giorgio-armani-code-men-edt-125-ml-giorgio-armani-code-men-125-ml4. Black Code by Giorgio Armani clocks in at #4 on our list. As with any Armani fragrance, this one doesn’t cease to impress. Just as the name sounds, so is the scent seductive. Black Code is “programmed” with fresh lemon, bergamot with orange blossomed tree, and soothing guaiac wood with tonka bean. A 2006 Fragrance Foundation Winner, this cologne not only has the accolades but the heavy yet not over saturated aroma to gain you any woman you desire. Buy this sleek, sexy blend for only $45-$60.

acqua-di-gio-pour-homme-giorgio-armani-eau-de-toillete-for-men-spray-200ml-foto-9494035. And to round out our top 5 cologne list, Giorgio Armani appears for the second time and in succession. Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani is the last entry and quite possibly does the most with the least. A fresh, light, aquatic fragrance, it is perfect for any summer day at the fare, the park, the beach, etc. Giorgio Armani has marketed such fragrance as being born from the sea, the earth and the breeze of the Mediterranean. This perennial best seller is scented with timeless, beautiful notes including bitter citrus, rosemary, and sea nuances topped off with a sharp spice softened by a woody base. Paradise from all aspects of life squeezed to a pulp in one bottle. Now, that is revolutionary. Price: $85.00

And there you have it, the top 5 colognes based on style, scent, elements, and affordability. Although this is a list from good to better to best, you truly cannot go wrong with any cologne. Everything from masculine to light to aquatic to sexy. We would like not to pressure you into buying anything as we aren’t solicitors. However, we are advocates so go out and purchase one or all five!


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