When a top hair stylist is asked for an advice on how to get the right cut, he would suggest bringing an inspiration photo. It seems a lot of people are following this advice since there’s a wave of adored celebrity haircuts that can be seen across the country.

Here are some of the most requested hairstyles you can choose from:

Nicole Richie’s Wispy Bob

Nicole Richie's Wispy BobOscar Blandi, a hairstylist from New York first gave Nicole Richie this cut back in 2006. New York City prides itself on being a city of stylish men and women and this cut certainly fits right into the vibe. When getting this cut, you should ask for eye-grazing shorter layers with longer ones appearing just below your jaw line. You’d want an angular bob with soft lines which won’t elongate your face.

Michelle Williams’ Pixie Cut

Michelle Williams' Pixie CutChris McMillan, a celebrity stylist, believes that California girls are finally more charming now and it shows in this pixie cut which Michelle Williams has. She’s a fashion-forward individual with no issues going for a bold new cut. People find that really inspiring. Show your stylist pictures of this particular hairstyle from different angles. This way, the perimeter of the bangs, neck and sideburn details can be effectively seen.

The edges and sideburns should be softened while maintaining a shorter hair at the neckline. This will elongate your neck. You should also keep the top layer in front at least 4 to 5 inches long so you wouldn’t muss up your hair for a punk-rock appearance.

Adriana Lima’s Sexy Waves

Adriana Lima's Sexy WavesDo you prefer to look sexy or to look cute? Nine out of ten women want to look sexy. This is the ultimate reason flowing, voluminous waves such as Adriana Lima’s are most coveted. It is a versatile hairstyle and even appears best for those with shoulder-length, medium to thick hair. When using this style, tell your stylist that you’d want a face-framing layer with some back layers for texture. The key to this haircut is all around the face.

Zooey Deschanel’s Blunt, Wide Bangs

Zooey Deschanel's Blunt, Wide BangsSeattle locals generally avoid hair high maintenance. That’s partly because of the extreme weather conditions here. If you live in this area then the blunt wide bangs hairdo is just perfect because it’s not only cute, it even looks polished even with little maintenance.

Rihanna’s Cropped Hairdo

Rihanna's Cropped HairdoThe nation’s capital is ultimately leading the path to androgynous, asymmetrical hairstyles like Rihanna’s and this started way back in 2008. These latest hairdos are more about one’s overall vibe and not a particular shape or technique. The only thing that’s needed to pull things off is healthy dose of confidence.

The juxtaposition of shorter pieces underneath and with longer ones on top is the key feature in this haircut. Your stylist has to section off longer pieces right at the top. The opposite side should be cut shorter, all the way to your deep side part. This should be done until there’s an apparent disconnection between the sections. For a little drama, the hair may be worn up and back or swept to the side.