5 Tips for Getting a Haircut That Will Suit You Perfectly

Written by Sierra Hamilton | Reviewed by Linda Simko Last Updated: March 16, 2024

Getting a haircut can either be a make or break a woman’s looks. Once we’re done with the haircut, it’s either we would praise our hairstylist and pledge to stay a loyal client forever or complain about her lousy hairstyling abilities. Cutting your hair something you should really think about since there is no going back once your lovely locks get chopped off.

We all want to know what kind of hairstyles will suit our face shape. To help you along, we have listed some tips that would allow you to check if the haircut you want will look great on you.

5 Tips for Getting a Haircut That Will Suit You Perfectly

Tip #1: Your Face Shape Is Important

There are some hairstyles that would only look best on certain face shapes. Unless you are blessed with a perfect oval-shaped face, then you should consider this tip.

For instance, if you wish to add width to your long face, a great hairstyle that would create this allusion is a shag cut or a chin-length bob that would hit somewhere between the shoulder and chin or at the base of the chin. If you want a bit of an edge, you may opt to have it styled in a wavy or messy way since this creates an allusion of width. Stay away from pixie haircuts as these work well with oval shaped faces.

If you are someone who has a round-shaped face, then you would benefit from a haircut that is a one or two inches below your chin. Since elongating the face is probably the goal here, you should shy away from the classic bob because it just makes you look like you have a helmet on. A great alternative will be a long blunt bob because it flatters the face.

Tip #2: Consider your shoulder, chin, and jaw

A short haircut works best with those blessed with a long neck, amazing jawline, and nice shoulders. If you are someone who has wide shoulders, an undefined chin, or a short neck, you are better off with a haircut that falls an inch or two below your chin. An example of a popular haircut even a lot of celebrities are sporting that would benefit you is the long bob.

It would be important for you to inform the hairstylist which features do you want to accentuate and which you wish to tone down.

Tip #3: Your Hair Texture Matters

Aside from knowing your face shape, it is important for you to know your hair texture too. Hair texture is classified into six and it includes frizzy, curly, coarse, wavy, fine, and straight. Just like the face shape, each texture comes with haircuts that would suit it best. For instance, if you have curly hair, it would be best to avoid shorter cuts since curly hair tends to behave well when longer.

Tip #4: Maintenance

The time you have to spend doing your hair is something you should also consider. If you are always in a hurry and you have no time to fix your hair, then you should shy away from shorter haircuts since these are more often than not, high maintenance. You would most likely find yourself having it trimmed every once in a while for it to look good as compared to having long or shoulder length hair.

Tip #5: Age is just a number

Contrary to what a lot of people think, there are no rules when it comes to age and hairstyle. You can be 70 and still be able to rock a long hairstyle. As long as you keep your hair healthy, it would not really become a problem.

Your hair’s health is as important as the type of haircut that you have. Keeping it in good shape will allow you to experiment more with different hairstyles.


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