Best Haircuts for Mature Women

Written by Sierra Hamilton | Reviewed by Linda Simko Last Updated: March 16, 2024

Women want what they see in their mirrors and their actual ages in as small a gap as possible. Although “age appropriate” haircuts are more the exception than the rule these days, often, a good haircut is all that it takes between “looking old” and “aging gracefully.”

Below are some of the best haircuts for mature women.

Here are some of the best haircuts for mature women who are in their early 50s to their mid-70s:

Best Haircuts for Mature WomenGentle Curls: ask your hairstylist to cut your hair in long layers that are side-swept to give it a certain bounce. This cut is perfect for those with naturally wavy hair. Those with straight hair, however, can always curl strands away from the face with a 2”-barrel size curling wand. Dana Delaney has her hair cut this way.

Layered Bob: a lot of layering in the hair keeps it full of movement. Diane Keaton now sports this hairstyle. Ask your hairstylist for the layered bob which falls a little below your jaw line and be sure to include shorter fringes or side-swept bangs to frame your face. This hairstyle is perfect for women who wear glasses.

Best Haircuts for Mature WomenLong Layers: who says women over 40 shouldn’t wear their hair long? Have your hair cut like Madonna’s with medium to long layers. Sections of hair are wrapped around a curling wand from their roots to their ends and curled near the face. This hairstyle uses a small amount of hairspray and fingers to break up curls which are too tight.

Shaggy Bob: hair of mature women can thin out and become lifeless and flat. A shaggy bob that “flips” out, such as the one worn by Jodie Foster, adds volume as well as movement to hair. This cut gives the illusion that there’s more hair on your head that there actually is. To style, section hair ends and flip them up with a 1 to 1½ inch-curling wand.

Best Haircuts for Mature WomenModern Shag: if you have short hair, ask your hairstylist to give it Jane Fonda’s signature shag with choppy layer from the front all the way to the back with the shorter layers as “frames” to your face. The end layers can be flipped with medium-strength molding or sculpting gel to create the volume and texture for this hairstyle to “pop.”

Bob and Bangs: this cut looks great on women with thin hair. Have your hairstylist cut your hair blunt and full at chin length without layering it to make it appear voluminous. Ask your hairstylist to use scissors instead of texture shears or razors for softer layers. Style it like Helen Mirren by using a rounded brush to give the crown an extra lift.

Best Haircuts for Mature WomenLong Shag: straight and long mature hair can look sexy again with bangs just like the way Suzanne Somers wears hers. Ask your hairstylist what kind of bangs – shorter ones or longer bangs that you can style side swept — would be better for the shape of your face. This hairstyle will add volume and texture to your otherwise limp hair.

Long Curls: if you have long, naturally curly hair like Andie MacDowell’s, have your hairstylist cut it in layers up to your collar bone to prevent that dreadful-looking “poof ball” which happens with short curly haircuts. Have your hairstylist add a lot of layers all throughout to decrease the bulk of your thick hair.

Some General Guidelines for Mature Hairstyles

  • Whether your hair is long, thick, wavy, straight, short, curly or thin, keep it healthy. Stringy and drab hair quickly ages a woman’s face.
  • Keep hair groomed. Messy hair when a woman is younger is sexy but on an older woman it translates to negligence.
  • Have your hair “fine tuned” regularly to maintain its texture, shine, and overall look. Have tapered sides, wispy elements, and layers to add volume and soften the face.
  • Take caution with bangs, especially if you have thick and straight hair, since they bring attention to your eyes, including the fine lines which may already be around them or starting to appear in that area.
  • Go for a cut that’s either short or medium long in length and a lot of layers if you have fine or thin hair.
  • Use hairstyling products only when necessary. Mature hair has more tendency to become dry and brittle and the frequent and prolonged use of styling products may take its toll on your roots and scalp.


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