Long Hairstyles For Women Over 50

Written by Sierra Hamilton | Reviewed by Linda Simko Last Updated: March 16, 2024

Not all hairstyles for long hair make women look older, contrary to popular belief. While some people hold on to the adage that short hair can take years off a woman’s face once she’s past 40. It is still also true that long hair for women over 50 can, in fact, enhance their charisma even more.

Long-haired women have the distinct advantage of trying on different hairstyles, as well as colors when they want to add glamour. Ang the tone did a strong presence, or to look refreshing and lively. Here are some new hairstyles for fifty-something women to try this spring:

Waves and Ponytails Long Hairstyles

waves hairstyle long hairstyleWaves: easy to achieve and safe to be in, hairstyles with messy waves look great. And because of this, it gives the woman wearing them confidence. Think Sarah Jessica Parker. She may be blonde but she’s definitely not dumb, whether she’s playing Carrie Bradshaw or just being Mrs. Matthew Broderick. Curl random sections of your hair with a good curling iron that has the right barrel size for the curls you prefer (smaller barrels translate to tighter curls, looser barrels make bigger curls).

ponytail hairstyle long hairstylesPonytails: curl your hair once and then tie it with a scrunchie that is bright in color. But not too tightly since what you should have is hair that’s a little bit messy with some strands falling out near the ears. A ponytail that’s tied a little more loosely will add a lot of volume to the hair. This look is utterly feminine and really works well for women of all ages.

How About Straight with Some Curls or Buns?

Straight Hair with the Curls Outward: simply elegant. This hairstyle has all your hair swept to either the left or right side, with curls going outwards at the ends and bangs in front. This hairstyle is suitable for women with fine strands of hair. Check out SuperCuts and inquire if their stylists can create something like this for you.

buns hairstylesBuns: women who have fine, straight, and long hair get away with having hair buns in a jiffy and without any effort. Buns are when hair is wound around or twisting a ponytail upwards in a circular motion to obtain a bun. This hairstyle can beautify with delicate hair combs, flowers, and even seed pearls. Most brides prefer bun hairstyles more than any other because these can hold heavy veils at the crown.

Straight or Curls Long Hairstyles: Women Over 50 Look Good in Both!

straight hairstyles long hairstylesThe Straight Look: hair that has been neatly straightened looks clean, fresh, and sophisticated. Center or side part, this hairstyle can reduce a woman’s age by as much as 10 years. Just take a look at Demi Moore slugging it out in “Charlie’s Angels” with women – Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu, and Cameron Diaz — half her age. The trick to straight hair is to keep it shiny and healthy all the time.

Curls: these are versatile to have in a hairstyle. Curls add volume to any hair type. If your hair is short, the curls are tight. If your hair is long or medium length, the curls should not be in locks but closer to waves. Consider beautiful women over 50 like Andie MacDowell, Fran Drescher, and Bernadette Peters with their cascading mop of curls. Inquire about Hair Cuttery prices to match quality hair styling and professional service.


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