There’s a spooky trend going around that is sure to scare up your style. Coffin nails come in many lengths and designs. They can be as gorgeous as you want them to be. You are sure to rock any event with coffin nails. You can get them long or short and even have coffin acrylic nails. Whatever your preference, coffin nails need the right attitude to rock them.

The coffin style of nail might also look familiar because it goes by another name: the ballerina nail. It got its name because it looks like a ballet slipper. It is tapered, and the tips are slightly rounded off. The great thing about coffin nails is that they complement hands of all sizes. The effect gives a slimming look, making the hands look elongated. Who wouldn’t want their hands, and nails, to look slimmer?

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Don’t forget, you can wear coffin nails for any occasion. Have a wedding to go to — try an elegant look to match your dress. Is Prom coming up? A short coffin nail design is perfect. Let’s find out more about this kind of manicure.

What are Coffin Nails?

Coffin nails get their name because of their shape. Their shape looks like a miniature coffin. Coffin nails are chosen by those who don’t want a stiletto mani. You can get them in both short and long lengths. While most who get this manicure enjoy the longer look, short coffin nails are coming up in the world. Of course, the longer they are, the more you can play around with the design. Be prepared to readjust to things you do everyday life, though.

What if I have short, or no nails?

Not to worry, you can get acrylic nails to build up a good length. However, this type of nail is extreme and might not be for everyone. Stiletto nails break easier than coffin nails.

Coffin Nail Designs

The great thing about this mani is you have so many design ideas to come up with! Looking for that perfect princess of darkness design? Maybe something a little softer? Today, it’s easy to find coffin nail designs. Their slender look is sure to add a unique punch to any occasion or party outfit. You can create unique coffin nail designs in gold, burgundy, black, silver, or whichever color tickles your fancy.

Coffin nails are so cute! #coffin

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Need a cool design for that goth soul? Go no further than this gorgeous design! With a matte, glossy, and sparkling paint job, this coffin nail design is fabulous. You are sure to rock any outfit or even a Halloween party.

Maybe you’re looking for something a little fancier, with more sparkles. These nails are perfect! Done by Royal Nails & Spa, which you can find on Facebook, are beautiful. With a soft pink color and metallic shine, your friends are going to be jealous of this manicure. Who said coffin nails had to be dark and dangerous? This nail art is to die for, metaphorically speaking.

Sparkling Pink Nails ❤️ #fullsetnails #coffinnails ACCEPT NEW Customers #nails2018? #nailsofinstagram #waterloonails…

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There are so many more nail designs to pick from on Facebook, Pinterest, and Google. No wonder the coffin nail designs are so popular these days. From pink to nudes, black to white, you’re sure to find a design that you would kill for.

Short Coffin Nails

On the shorter side, not everyone loves the long look. For those of us who work with money, children, or the elderly, shorter nails are optimal. Not to mention, shorter nails just make life easier. You don’t have to worry about getting them caught in anything. There’s also a less likely chance of them breaking.

Even though they’re less trendy, you can still find ideas to work with. All you need to do is make your coffin nails look innocent and irresistible. Check out Celina Ryden on Instagram. Her feed is full of beautiful nail art. From long coffin nails to short coffin nails. It is a smorgasbord of designs! This pink, almost nude design for short coffin nails is beautiful. Who can’t love the added bling on the ring fingers?

@lightelegancehq Puddle Play + Shave Ice + Flat Matte = A classy classic ??⭐️

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Another amazing nail artist is Riya over on Instagram at Riya’s NailSalon. So many designs, including short coffin nails. If you’re looking for an elegant look, this design is perfect. Inlaid roses topped with jewels is every princess’s favorite look. You are sure to turn heads. You can find Riya’s salon in Fairview Park, Ohio. Give her a shout out for your favorite coffin nail designs.

How Much is This Going to Cost?

With coffin nails becoming more popular, those who get manicures wonder at prices. Each salon is different, as is the artist who designs your nails. Another thing added to the cost is if you are going to be getting gel or acrylic nails. For now, we will stick with acrylic nails.

These babies are not cheap, so make sure to add them to your budget if you’re planning to get a regular manicure. Sometimes, coffin acrylic nails can cost up to $50. That is for a new set. Don’t forget about fill-ins. What is that you ask? For those who don’t know, a fill-ins help keep your nails looking beautiful. Not to mention, it helps to keep infections from setting in if the nails separate. A fill is going to set you back about $30, depending on where you go. If you do try to go cheaper, you’re not likely to end up with a clean salon or good technique.

Getting a new set can be a pain

If you’re prone to weak nails, then getting acrylics might not be for you. Acrylics can leave your nails brittle and with possibly cracks down the middle. When you go to get a new set of coffin nails, there are things that your nail artist will do. They’ll most likely soak your nails in acetone for a few minutes before filing them down. Then, another soak followed by another file. She may repeat this process several times. But don’t worry, your salon lady will take good care of your nails. Here’s a quick look at how manicurists apply acrylic coffin nails for those who have never had this manicure.

Are Coffin Nails for You?

Coffin nails are gorgeous! If you end up getting them, you’re sure to love them. It will take a bit to adjust to doing certain things. Texting will be a little harder. And then there’s doing your makeup without poking your eyes out. If you wear contacts, long coffin nails might not be for you. Go for the shorter versions; you’ll function better. Don’t forget about zipping up jeans. Getting long nails caught in the zipper isn’t exactly the most comfortable feeling.

Whichever coffin shaped nails you decide to get, make sure to bring the right attitude. Your salon technician will be able to help you find nails to suit your personality. Whether you want coffin gel nails or coffin acrylic nails, rock those babies! If you’re the type to pick a design before going to the salon, check out Pinterest for an array of designs. Now that spring is here, having the perfect design is essential. Still not sure? Check out this video compilation to give you some ideas. Happy picking, ladies!


Featured Image: CC BY-ND 2.0, by Nic Senior, via Flickr