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You’ve probably heard of several outrageous beauty treatments such as the fish pedicure which costs around $100. But there are other beauty treatments that cost a lot more. They’re actually reserved for the rich and famous, or possibly the vane and insane.


KKardashian-Vampire-FaceliftThis treatment was made popular by reality superstar Kim Kardashian. It includes precisely what you’re thinking – human blood. Even though this treatment isn’t the most expensive facial, the cost for a single session is more than your average monthly mortgage payment. The price is more or less $1,100.

The vampire facial or dermapen facial is a treatment that makes use of the patient’s own blood. The blood is injected back into the face so as to create a youthful appearance. If you’re the type who’s not into needles, just let Kim stick to her treatment.


ec03418e8b70899b_ted-gibson-pictureWhen it comes to celebrities’ favorite red carpet hairstyles, many people would agree that Ted Gibson’s work is one of the best. Gibson’s star clientele includes Anne Hathaway and Angelina Jolie. Ted Gibson sounds like somebody you’d want to work on your hair.

Well, if this is the case then be prepared to part with your life savings. A single session with this master stylist costs $950. Here’s the bonus, Ted Gibson will personally cut, wash, dry as well as style your hair. Of course, this would also include a stress-relieving massage and a hot towel treatment.


011311-mila-400This $7,000 facial and peel treatment was created by celebrity aesthetician Scott Borba. The treatment literally involves rubbing the client’s face with precious jewels, including rubies and crushed diamonds. The treatment would end with the client wearing a paraffin silk fiber mask. A blast of LED light will end the process. Apparently, Mila Kunis is a big fan of this treatment.


rszgrandwaileaspagrande20-handsduomassage-1316134286This special massage is marketed as an excellent anniversary deal for those who’d book for a stay at the Maui Grand Wailea Hotel. It features 100 fingers (10 therapists), giving the couple a massage that’s like no other. The service costs $4,000. According to experts, this therapy actually tricks the brain, making it susceptible to relaxation. Your brain won’t be able to concentrate on where you are being touched.


jayVZIBAnyone who avails of this type of manicure must be a millionaire (or billionaire) since the cost for this service is $1 Million. TV personality Kelly Osbourne once rocked a manicure that’s full of black diamonds with a price of $250,000. The question is: Will she ever try the white diamond manicure? Seriously, what type of manicure would be offered next? It might be a blue diamond manicure with a whopping price of $2,000,000.


KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAWant to try a luxurious Evian water bath? Roughly 350-gallons of Evian water is poured straight from the limited edition bottles designed by Christian Lacroix. That’s probably going to cost at least a few thousand bucks. But before you can try it, you also need to form another $6,000 for your stay at the Penthouse Suite of Miami’s Hotel Victor. This is the only hotel that offers this one of a kind deluxe experience.


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