It’s no surprise that most of us wish to look like our favorite celebrities, whether that be the clothes they wear, their shoes, makeup, watches, pendants, and most importantly the way they style their hair. If they wear the latest Pierre Cardin timepiece, we want to buy one that looks similar, but then a fake will do if we can’t afford the original! If a Jimmy Choo stiletto is worn on the red carpet in Cannes by your favorite celebrity, you would also like to get one! The easiest part in all this is to style your hair like your favorite celebrity without needing to spend too much. You simply need to walk to the nearest salon, show them your celebrity style, and presto, within an hour you can walk out looking like your idol!

marilyn-monroeSo what are the top 5 celebrity hairstyles of all time? When it comes to an icon, Marilyn Monroe and her blond curls will remain an all time favorite. It has the perfect sex appeal, and if you are able to pout and pose like her, you are sure to have the world at your feet! If you have it in you to go bottle blond, this style is indeed the ultimate! Marilyn might not have invented it, but she has managed to patent the look for eternity!

princess-diana-profilePrincess Diana’s hairstyle exuded royalty and elegance, and was one of the most coveted styles during her short and tragic life. She reached the pinnacle of popularity during her lifetime, and her hairstyle coupled with her smile, beautiful face, and persona made her more accessible to people who could relate to her as the girl-next-door who had been wronged in life. Her hairstyle was popular across every age group during her time, and people who still remember her try and get the same hairstyle even today! The style represents elegance and royalty, yet encourages others to reach out and warm up. It is perhaps one of the most popular hairstyles of all time!

gal-aniston-jpgWhen Jennifer Aniston debuted in the TV sitcom Friends as the character Rachel during the 1990s, her hairstyle was an immediate hit. Girls and women rushed to salons to get that cut with loose locks hanging over both eyes in a step cut, and the rest of the hair straight down to the lower neck level. It is estimated that some 15 million women styled their hair like Rachel during the time the serial was being aired. There are women still wanting the same look even 15 years after Friends debuted!

meg-ryan-28-mMeg Ryan’s silly and quirky look, yet sexy enough to make hordes of women get that shaggy, peppy, and choppy hairstyle, is another all time favorite. Goody’s poll on the best hairstyles ranked this style as a runner-up, and it is still popular among women wanting that dumb oh-ah look, but at the same time utterly sexy with its inherently innocent style giving the look of goodness and dependability!

farrah-fawcett-photograph-c10043629Farrah Fawcett’s feathered hairstyle during the 70s is still a rave throughout the world! The wild mop of hair cut perfectly to fall like feathers on the shoulder is the preferred choice of many women even to this day. This vintage style is only possible in women with luxurious and dense hair, though that doesn’t deter women with shorter hair to imitate the style with their hair cut to fall on the nape of their necks.

Other than the top 5 celebrity hairstyles listed above, there are many more styles that are attractive and attention grabbing. For instance Michelle Obama’s confident and graceful classic cut adds to her elegance, as does the pixie crop of Mia Farrow from the movie Rosemary’s Baby enhance her personality. But whatever be your choice, you will always have your favorite celebrity hairstyle easily available to you. You can even change your style when you are fascinated by a different celebrity, and start looking different all over again!