What Is Ombre Hair Color?

Written by Sierra Hamilton | Reviewed by Linda Simko Last Updated: March 16, 2024

As far as fashion and hair style trends are concerned, only the brave set them. Yes, many of us get our next best style from the celebrities we see on TV and from those gorgeous models we see on the cover of Vogue, but when it comes right down to it, only the most daring and most creative of souls can set a trend.

The Ombre trend has taken the world of hair styling by storm. Not only is it edgy, but it can also be very glamorous, chique and absolutely stunning if done in the right way with the right hands in the right hair salon. Ombre has made its way through the societal elite to the most down to Earth hair stylists in the market. Everyone wants to spot this sprightful look that is, at least for the moment, seemingly timeless. So what exactly is this intriguing style, where does it come from, who was it designed for and what is Ombre hair color?

This is strictly for the ‘trendy souls’; those of us who care about our looks; those who stand out and those of us who have it in us to be daring. Through all this, we do not want to spends decades styling and caring for our hair. That is why Ombre hair color is the best choice for the edgy, yet low maintenance hair style.


5ebed__Trend-2013-Ombre-Hair-Style‘Ombre’ is borrowed from the French word ‘Ombre’. This is the kind of hair color that uses darker, or more natural colors at the roots and gets slightly lighter towards the ends. It is a gorgeous look that employs the use of yet another French hair coloring technique ‘Balayage’ to give it that beautiful look. This technique does not leave a defined demarcation between the color changes that do occur throughout the Ombre hair color trend. This gives you a beautifully flawless look that a great deal of A-list celebrities are spotting today.


vanessa-hudgens-red-ombre-hair-for-long-curly-hairBeing that Ombre is a highly stylish, yet low maintenance trend, anybody who has the taste, the style and the zest to spot it can wear it. It is also highly popular with high powered women who want to always stand out from the crowd, but would rather not spend precious hours at the salon every few weeks.

Ombre is for the for those who want a look that will define who they are; those who want a look that is both gorgeous and easy to maintain; those who want to take back their hair and define their personal style. Ombre can be styled with blonde, auburn, brown or whatever else color you think defines you the best.

The Ombre emerging trends show that we are a daring culture. From naturally dark colors, to beautiful styles such as ‘Pink ribbons, Honey clouds, short and sassy, Platinum and the reverse Ombre…this is the one style that you are allowed to go absolutely wild with. Ombre is here to stay, and thank goodness for that.


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