If you love makeup, then you know the struggle of finding a good makeup brush holder.  There are different kinds of bags you can use, but some of them are too short and ruin your brushes, and you can never find the brushes you’re looking for. Then there are the makeup brush holders that are sold, which are all super expensive!  Here are six super easy DIY makeup brush holders.

Gems and Pearls

This simple brush holder is super cute and easy to make!

Here’s what you’ll need:


Step One: Using your rhinestones, measure the distance around the cup, and cut the stones appropriately

Step Two: Dot your rhinestones with hot glue and attach them to your cup

Step Three: Add your beads to the bottom


Colored Ball Jar Makeup Brush Holder

What you’ll need:


Step One: Choose your spray paint color, this will be the hardest part of the project

Step Two: Spray paint the inside of your jar and allow them to dry

Step Three: Once everything is dry, you can put your brushes in there


Razzle Dazzle

What you’ll need:


Step One: Heat up your hot glue gun if you’re using one

Step Two: Glue your rhinestones onto your container however you wish. You can fill the entire container; you can do stripes, whatever is right for you.

Labeled Makeup Brush Holder

What you’ll need:


Step one:  Arrange your sticky letters as desired onto your containers, here the brushes are organized by use

Step two: Fill your container with a Floral placeholder, about three quarters full. This stuff is best for this project because it will allow your brushes to stand upright without damaging your brushes


What you’ll need:


Step one: If you want to make stripes, place your tape according to how thick or thin you want your stripes to be

Step two: Paint your stripes, and let them dry

Step three: After the paint has dried, remove the tape

Step four: If you would like to add additional details, you can use stencils. Just attach the stencil, paint it, and allow it to dry

Step five: After the design has dried, remove the stencil, and you’re ready to go


Anthro Knock Off

As you can see by the picture, this was not originally meant to be a makeup brush holder, but the variety in the size of the containers would be good for different sized brushes.

What you’ll need:


Step one: Paint your board and cylindrical containers with your spray paint

Step two: Allow everything to dry

Step three: Super glue your containers onto your board in your desired pattern and let them set

Hopefully, you enjoyed these super easy DIY projects to help you save a little bit in your beauty budget!