What Opportunities Can A Sephora Near Me Offer?

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Sephora stores, in some areas, can be few and far between. The Sephora company has teamed up with several department stores, including JCPenney’s to bring you a convenient location.  In many JCPenney stores, you can find little Sephora pavilions that will have many of the same goods and services as a normal Sephora.

A little bit about Sephora Opportunities

Sephora is a leading company in the cosmetic industry. You may be wondering who all your money goes to when you buy from Sephora. Well, it goes to many people, when you purchase from Sephora, you are investing in quality.  In the words of the company itself, “Today, Sephora is not only the leading retailer of perfume and cosmetics stores in France, but also a powerful beauty presence in countries around the world thanks to its unparalleled assortment of prestige products in every category, unbiased service from experts, interactive shopping environment, and innovation.”

The Sephora web site describes its philosophy: keeping customers happy and educated on makeup, and how to use it. Sephora has been around since the 1970’s and started in Paris France. Beauty companies like Sephora and Burberry have been around for a while, unlike competition like Ulta or Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics or Mae Whitman. Older companies have built up a fantastic reputation for having high-quality products, whereas newer companies have an okay reputation.

Sephora employs and trains pro makeup artists so that they can provide free beauty classes to every customer.  The company has also partnered with JCPenney, who host Sephora pavilions, allowing you to have more forms of payment (including the JCP credit card), and easier access to stores.

The Sephora App
The Sephora App

The Sephora App

Sephora has a mobile app that you can use on your phone. The app is kind of like Bumble in combination with Uber: it can help you get to the makeup of your dreams that is nearby. On this app, there is a store locator. It will locate the store nearest to you is, and tell you if any events are happening at that store. The app can also show you a map of Sephoras located near you, and give you directions there in several languages including English and Spanish. This app is the simple logo, sometimes with Sephora written below it, depending on your app dealer. Sephora’s app is a great way for the company to upmarket their products. You can download the app through google or safari. The app is free.

Sephora Jobs

There are several employment opportunities through Sephora. Some of these careers include Cashier, manager, and warehouse worker. If you are looking to apply to Sephora, there are many positions and career options, here are some of the requirements and responsibilities.

Job requirements can include:

  • 1-3 years of retail experience
  • Attention to detail
  • Able to lift and carry up to 25 pounds
  • Be able to work in a fragrance filled environment
  • High School Diploma, GED, or equivalent
  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Available to work days, weekends, and holidays, and flexible hours
  • Must wear assigned costume

Job responsibilities include:

  • Greet customers with polite enthusiasm enthusiasm
  • Provide courteous knowledge to all clients
  • Complete transactions accurately and efficiently (this can include gift wrapping items)
  • Complete your cashier training
  • Train other cashiers as requested
  • Keep the store clean
  • Communicate problems with supervisor

Responsibilities for Managers and Assistant Managers may include:

  • Ensuring that all areas of the store are covered and reassign people to maintain coverage
  • Keeping your advisors motivated so they can best serve the clients
  • Providing coaching as needed
  • Assigning tasks to cast members during down time
  • Handling client complaints efficiently and effectively
  • Ensuring that the store stays clean
  • Opening and closing store
  • Handling any emergencies that come up

Sephora does a lot for their employees. They offer a lot of opportunities that can benefit their employees.

Benefits can include:

  • Pay can be anywhere from $8 to $14+ an hour starting salary, depending on experience and other factors
  • All staff receive Gratis; Gratis is free products that you receive from various companies partnered with Sephora. The idea behind gratis is that you can sample the products and have a better idea of how they work so that you can give customers first-hand reviews. You receive gratis anywhere from the 16th to the 30th of the month
  • Most full-time employees qualify for health care and paid vacation time
  • You learn a lot because you are required to watch several training videos from Sephora University
  • Benefits are similar across the board. The longer you are with the Sephora company, the more benefits you get.  These benefits can include health care, paid vacation, and first pick at Gratis.  

You can visit the Sephora site and see the number of positions open right now. By going to the site and clicking ‘Careers,’ you’ll be shown what the spectrum of the job is and where you’d be working. Many of the upper most positions require you to work at Sephora for so many years before applying.


Sephora has three different membership programs currently available. These programs have a cost ranging anywhere from nothing to $1,000 a year. Each club has a point system associated with it. If you save up your points, you can make purchases at Sephora’s online Rewards Bazar.

The least expensive membership is the Beauty Insider club. It’s free unless you vouch to pay the $10 a year for fast two-day shipping.  This group offers you a complimentary Birthday gift and free beauty classes.  The beauty classes are great because you can ask questions and hone your skills.

The next level of membership is VIB.  The VIB plan costs $350 a year unless you decide to get two-day flash shipping which is an extra $10 a year.  This club has all the perks of the Beauty Insider club and more, including seasonal and holiday savings (including the big black Friday sale) and handpicked gifts.  The handpicked gifts can include a sample or some testers of all sorts of products, ranging from a perfume or fragrance to brushes to skincare products to the newest primer to lipstick to foundation.  The VIB club also offers one free custom makeover, which can come in handy for special events and occasions. You can also use your makeover as a kind of one on one tutorial if you’d like.

The VIB Rouge, the highest level membership offered by Sephora, is $1000 a year. It includes all the benefits of the Beauty Insider membership and a few other things. You can receive savings, handpicked gifts, unlimited free custom makeovers, free two-day shipping on all orders, a private hotline which you can use for consultations, and invitations to private events.

Products at Sephora

BareMinerals is sold at Sephora
BareMinerals is sold at Sephora

If you have ever gone shopping at a Sephora location, or even just a JCP pavilion, you know the sheer amount of goods can be intimidating. For many of us, it is much easier to shop in the comfort of our own home.  Nearly everything in the store you can find online, from the Aurora Anastasia Pallet to the newest bare mineral’s makeup, to the brushes that are best for the application of Mac eye shadow. You can also buy body wash, fragrance (including assorted cologne, perfumes, and even Chanel), and every kind of shadow you might want. Some of the brands that are sold at Sephora:

Bare minerals





Marc Jacobs

Factor X

Dior (nail lacquer)

Nails Inc

Deborah Lippmann

Urban Decay

Kat Von D



Huda Beauty (fake lashes)

Rosebud Perfume Co.

Eve Lom



For some people (like those living in Dubai or Tenerife), asking where the closest Sephora is can be pointless. The closest store could be a several day trip, though some people may think it’s worth it. Others have two Sephoras in their local mall (like in my case).  Regardless of where you live there are several Sephoras in every one of the 50 United States of America (whether that is a freestanding store or inside a JC Penney location), from Maine to California. Here is a list of some of the locations (so you don’t have to look a phone-book).

Sephora locations include:

Sephora Locations
Sephora Locations


Kapolei, Ka Makana, Hawaii (HI)

Honolulu, Waikiki, Hawaii (HI)

Manhattan, NYC, New York (NY)

NY, 86th & Lexington, New York (NY)

New York, SOHO, New York (NY)

New York, 5 Times Square 200 W. 42nd Street, New York (NY)

Toledo, Westfield Franklin Park, Ohio (OH)

Glendale, Arrowhead Towne Center, Arizona (AZ)

Lansing, Eastwood Towne Center, Michigan (MI)

Grandville, Grand Rapids, Michigan (MI)

San Antonio, North Star Mall, Texas (TX)

Arlington, The Parks Mall, Texas (TX)

Naperville, Downtown Naperville, Illinois (IL)

San Francisco, Union Street, California (CA)

San Diego, Fashion Valley Mall, California (CA)

Los Angeles  (LA), Beverly Drive, California (CA)

Fresno, Fresno Fashion Fair, California (CA)

Palm Desert, Palm Desert, California (CA)

Palm Desert, Palm Desert, California (CA)

Mission Viejo, Mission Viejo, California (CA)

Denver, Cherry Creek, Colorado (CO)

Colorado Springs, Outdoor Center, Colorado (CO)

Jersey City, Newport Centre, New Jersey (NJ)

Bethesda, Montgomery, Maryland (MD)

Philadelphia, Chestnut St., Pennsylvania (PA)

South Portland, The Maine Mall, Maine (ME)

Richmond, Regency Square, Virginia (VA)

Tacoma, Tacoma Mall, Washington (WA)

Anchorage, 5TH AVE MALL, Alaska (AK)

Miami, Dadeland, Florida (FL)

Miami, Miami International, Florida (FL)

Orlando, MALL AT MILLENIA, Florida (FL) (closest to Walt Disney World)

Cambridge, CambridgeSide Galleria, Massachusetts (MA)

Virginia Beach, Lynnhaven Mall, Virginia (VA)

Kansas City, Country Club Plaza, Missouri (MO)

Sephoras inside a JCPenney’s

Lakewood, Lakewood Center Complex, Houston, Texas (TX)

Dallas, TImber Creek Crossing, Texas (TX)   

Sherman, Sherman Town Center, Texas (TX)

Newark, Christiana mall, Newark Delaware (DEL)

Brighton Green Oak Village, Michigan

Albany, Albany Mall, Georgia (GA)

Las Vegas, Grand Canyon Parkway, Nevada (NV)

Olympia, Capital Mall, Washington

Vancouver, Vancouver Mall, Washington

Fairview Heights, St Clair Square, Illinois

Lake Havasu City, Shops at Lake Havasu, Arizona (AZ)

Paramus, Garden State Plaza, New Jersey (NJ)

Tarentum, Galleria at Pittsburgh Mills, Pennsylvania (PA)

Fort Collins, College Avenue, Colorado (CO)


London, Masonville Place, Ontario

Brampton, Bramalea City Centre, Ontario

Winnipeg, St Vital, Manitoba

Toronto, Bloor Street, Ontario

Toronto, Sherway Gardens, Ontario

Ottawa, Rideau Centre, Ontario

Edmonton, Kingsway Mall, Alberta


San Juan, PLAZA LAS AMERICAS, Puerto Rico

For more locations, you can go to:





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