How does a bride look her very best? It’s when her crowning glory compliments her wedding dress and her make-up. Every woman wants to look like the Princess Bride, that’s why her hair needs to be at its shiniest, silkiest, and smoothest. But how does a woman choose the bridal hairstyle which will suit her the most? Here are some of the “Eight Best Bridal Hairstyles” for a spring or summer wedding. Be sure to ask about Great Clips prices for these particular hairstyles.

Wedding Hairstyles 1Charismatic Beauty

A bride who has straight, pale or straw-colored hair can have it bunched at the nape with tiny flowers that contrast with her hair color. The rest of the bride’s hair is covered with a glittery mesh but a few wisps of bangs would look pretty as well.

French twist Wedding HairstylesFrench twist

A typical wedding hairstyle in most weddings and formal occasions, this resembles the ballerina bun. This is a bride’s best option if she wants her hair off her shoulders and neck without resorting to a short haircut.

Half and Half

This romantic wedding hairstyle gathers your hair in a loose bun and then has the rest of the hair in a loose-fitting ponytail just below the nape. Fresh flowers can be strewn and pinned to your hair from the top all the way down.

Ballerina chignon Wedding HairstylesBallerina chignon

This is the wedding hairstyle worn by ballerinas because of the elegant way it looks. Timeless and polished, this chignon can be enhanced very simply with a shiny headband to add a little depth to its polished appeal.

Mega Volume

The high pouf of this wedding hairstyle may look a little funny at an event other than a wedding. Reminiscent of those big hairstyles of the 1960s, this bouffant begins by gathering the hair and twisting it upwards until it forms a sort of beehive towards the top. A single diamond barrette to lock the tip in place can be equally eye-catching.

Retro Chic Wedding HairstylesRetro Chic

Lots of texture with the right blend of faux pompadour makes this wedding hairstyle both chic and retro. The addition of a vintage brooch just above one ear is enough to complete this bob that is blown dry and built by in volume with extra-hold mousse. Think Annette Funicello after her Mickey Mouse Club days during her seemingly perpetual days at the beach with Frankie Avalon. And a hairstyle that stays in place all the time.

Full and Wavy Wedding HairstylesFull and Wavy

A bride who has a heedful of full and wavy locks need only let her hair down to achieve drama with her entry during the bridal march. This means the bride’s hair has to have its frizzies kept under control with medium-strength mousse to keep its natural look. Catch a video of Kate Moss when she wore this hairstyle with such aplomb at her wedding. Inquire from your favorite salon how much Hair Cuttery prices the Kate Moss hairstyle will cost.

Formal chignon

This bridal hairstyle is an intricate updo that may or may not be worn with a bang, with only the insertion of a veil for bridal aisle drama. The chignon is made formal at the neck with twisted hair “tendrils” in delicate curls and is especially suitable for wedding dresses with low backs or “backless” style gowns.

What Two Brides Have in Common: Prince William

And the bride with short hair? Opt for layers that are chopped, razor edged or tapered and get a hair in the gamine crop tradition of Michelle Williams, Jennifer Lawrence, and Anne Hathaway. Short haired brides should have small faces which can be set off beautifully with side swept bangs that have been a little mouse or just a bit of hairspray.

On an inspiring note: Catherine Middleton, with her long hair pinned loosely at the back, looked beautiful on her wedding day to Prince William. But then again, remember that bride 30 years before who wore a short, layered bob that set off the Spencer tiara and her blue eyes splendidly? Princess Diana looked absolutely stunning.