Choosing Short Haircuts For Women

Written by Sierra Hamilton | Reviewed by Linda Simko Last Updated: March 16, 2024

short hairstyles 2Not many women can carry off wearing short hair. Sometimes, short hair can even be sexier than long hair. Think Halle Berry versus Julianne Moore and you find yourself wishing you had short hair, too. Not everybody will agree, of course, that short hair is stylish since the preconceived notion has always been styling short hair is limited.

A professional salon with less skilled or less trained hairstylists might charge you more than the SuperCuts prices you have known so ensure that the hairstyle price is competitive. Short hair may not be easy to style if it’s coarse or thick. Knowing how much such a haircut will cost will prepare you for any eventuality that may require you to pay more.

The Benefits of Short Haircuts

For Spring 2014, short hairstyles are making the rounds and giving long-haired women a challenge that are tempting to take on. Read on for these short hair benefits:

  • Low maintenance: short hair, especially curly or wavy short hair, is basically just wash-and-go. A dab of mousse or a spritz of hairspray and you’re done. Short hair dries up faster, too.
  • Convenient during hot weather: without those long tresses, air can pass through your scalp and neck uninterrupted with short hair. There’s no need to smooth out short hair, tie it as a ponytail or pile it up like a bun.
  • Smart and contemporary: while many will tend to disagree, long hair seems a bit old-fashioned for young women in their 20s and 30s. Short hair translates to youth, vibrancy, smart, and sexy. Anne Hathaway probably didn’t think twice about having her locks cut off and she looks smashing for it.
  • Healthy: long hair is very prone to nearly all kinds of damage, from split ends to dryness. Short hair, on the other hand, can have more protection mainly because there’s really less to protect. That said, short hair stays healthy longer and is economical to boot since you spend less on shampoo and conditioner.

classic bob short hairstylesIf a woman can have only one hairstyle for her short hair, it just has to be the classic bob. Professional hairstylists agree that the bob never goes out of fashion, can be worn by women of all ages regardless of face shape, and doesn’t need extensive styling. Women who lead active lifestyles should go for short hairstyles because they don’t put up much fuss when push comes to shove.

Short Haircuts for Lifestyles and Occupations

Short haircuts are ideal for those who swim regularly, for instance, and for those in occupations which require wearing hair restraints such as the food service industry. The only obvious downside to a short haircut is time, something that is essential to grow out a short hairstyle.

But other than that and an occasional battle to prevent short hair from becoming unruly, a short hairstyle is perfect for the spring and summer seasons and for those who live in warm or tropical climates. Less hair on your neck and nape, short haircuts are comfortable and cool to have.

All You Need for Short Hair

pixie cut short haircutsIf you have thick, wavy or wavy hair, the bob hairstyle is for you. On the other hand, if you have thin or fine hair strands, a pixie cut can work wonders for you. Note that any hairstyle, including that for short hair, should always first consider the face shape that will be framed by the hairstyle.

Asking the advice of a professional hairstylist from a reputable salon can help you make the right choice for a short haircut. Make sure you are clear on the issue on prices. The price of the style that is suitable for your hair’s texture and face shape may be higher or lower than the Great Clips prices you have already tried. With short haircuts, higher prices will be disadvantageous for you since all you need are some mousse or gel, your fingers to scrunch up hair strands or curls, and a confident attitude.


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