If you’re getting concerned that fine lines and wrinkles are starting to show and that you have light scarring or sunspots, a chemical peel might just be the thing for you. If done professionally, it could add years to your skin.

The process chemical peel may sound incredibly invasive, but it doesn’t have to be. There are different levels measured in depths and should only be discussed and performed by a dermatologist. If you have discussed a medium or deep chemical peel, know that this is going to mean recovery time at home. It is a process where chemicals are applied to the skin, and then removed. The goal is to remove a layer of your skin, with the new skin coming through fresher and more radiant. This has been shown to assist in improving the effects of aging.

Level one: Easy, lunchtime or a refreshing peel

This is the peel to go for if you do not want a very invasive procedure, however, you want to improve your complexion and get rid of very fine lines. It does not guarantee getting rid of fine lines though as this is still very much on the surface of the skin. You will be able to function normally, however, there is a special lotion you will need to apply daily. It is also important that you don’t go into the sun. You would be able to star wearing make-up the next day already. The flaking of the skin would continue for about 7 days. This is done under general anaesthesia.

Level two: Medium peel

Also done under general anaesthesia, the process is pretty much the same as with an easy peel, however, you would need some form of coolness to compensate for the burning sensation as quite a bit more skin has been removed. The healing process also takes a lot longer, and the effects are much worse. The skin can blister and peel for up to two weeks after the treatment and a special lotion is required to reduce the chances of infection. Severe swelling will also occur. You should be able to start wearing makeup after 7 days. You need to stay out of the sun for the entire period, and you may have to take about three days off from work to recuperate at home.

Level three: Deep peel

This is regarded as a surgical procedure and is done in theatre. The skin is regarded as an open wound and would require dressing. There is a lot of care involved here and you would need to go for check-ups the following day and a few more times during the first week. The recommendation is that you take at least three weeks off after having this done, in order to give your body time to heal. You are only allowed to have this procedure done once in a lifetime. This type of peel is also done on a small area at a time.