How to Take Care of Your Feet?

Written by Sierra Hamilton | Reviewed by Linda Simko Last Updated: March 16, 2024

There are so many hidden aspects of the importance of caring for your feet that you may not ever have been aware of. Having poorly cared feet may just make you an undesirable partner.

Women across the world agree that there are a few confidence booster that just seem to work miracles on your self-esteem and level of confidence. These things include a pair of sexy new shoes, a well fitted evening or cocktail dress, a perfect hair or makeup day. And then there is the day after a manicure and pedicure. There is simply not a thing in the world that compares to it. You end up staring at your hands and feet at every given opportunity, and all of a sudden you dig out all your sandals and peep toe shoes.

Studies have shown that one of the surprising focal areas for a man to zoom in on, is your feet. Most of them could not care about the shoes you wear, however, they are interested in the condition of your feet. This is not something they think about consciously though, this comes from those days when the man had to find a suitable wife. Not only were things like clear eyes and strong hair important, they noticed whether hips were good for child bearing as well. If your hair was weak and your eyes unclear, you were deemed sickly. Then it came to the feet. Women who had good strong feet, free of impairments, could run when trouble came. Also, if your feet were injured or unhealthy, it might have put your family in danger. This puts a whole different perspective on things, doesn’t it?

Treatments available to improve the condition of your feet:

  • Pedicure – this is a simple treatment, and usually varies from salon to salon. It involves a soak, light foot massage, removal of dead skin and a coat of nail varnish.
  • Spa Pedicure – this is the big brother of the ordinary pedicure. It takes a bit longer, as there are a few more steps involved. This usually includes an exfoliating scrub, hot towel wraps, moisture treatments, and more. This will vary from salon to salon. Once you have experienced a spa pedicure however, you will not want to go back to normal pedicures.
  • Heel and Foot Softening Treatments – this is vital for those moments when you’re playing footsie with your partner, and your hard feet end up injuring your partner. This is a difficult thing to keep under control, especially if you are prone to dry skin. This treatment works wonders and can last a few weeks.
  • Gel and Acrylic toes – you’ve just had your finger nails done, and they look absolutely perfect, however, you’re too scared to remove your shoes as your toes have three month old varnish on. It looks quite shocking, however, if you wait a few weeks more it might just look like tips. To avoid this, you can have the exact thing done on your toes as your nails. Swarovski and other nail art additions can also been done on your toes. Why should they be neglected?
  • Jelly Pedi – this is one of the most wonderful experiences your feet will ever have, and once you’ve had one done you’ll want to go back for more. It is usually done before a pedicure as it softens the feet. The sensation on your skin is just mind blowing, as your feet are squished in a luxurious jelly like substance.


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