The 3 Best Natural Hair Masks You Can Try at Home

Written by Sierra Hamilton | Reviewed by Linda Simko Last Updated: March 16, 2024

Discussed here are three different hair masks that utilize all natural ingredients to help you achieve healthier scalp and hair. Also tackled below are the steps to create the hair mask recipes and how they are applied on your hair.

Much like your face will require a face mask to remove dirt, dead skin, bacteria, blackheads, and white heads, the hair needs hair masks to remove damages and to nourish it back to beauty. While you can always get hair mask treatment at a spa, they tend to be very expensive and sometimes they use harmful chemicals that will make your hair pretty for a time but will deal long-term damages in the end.

To avoid that you will want to apply your own hair masks using all natural ingredients. Keep in mind that it is always best to apply these hair masks during the evening and when you have all the time in the world. This is because many natural hair masks can carry a certain smell and it will require some washing with shampoo to get the smell off.

If you have the time and patience to pamper your hair then consider the following four best natural hair masks:

Simple Milk and Honey

The 3 Best Natural Hair Masks You Can Try at Home milk-and-honey-maskThat’s all there is to this solution. Mix one teaspoon of 100% natural honey to a single glass of whole milk. Mix this in well and then massage unto your hair, going in from the roots on your scalp to the very tips of your strands.

You’ll want to keep this mask on your hair for a good fifteen minutes before you start to wash it off. Use lukewarm water and mild shampoo to get it completely off.

Milk and honey is a natural solution and it has been for centuries. You’ll even read about how famous Greek and Egyptian leaders used to bath completely in milk and honey so why not give your hair the same royal treatment?

Coconut Cream

The 3 Best Natural Hair Masks You Can Try at Home coconut-cream-maskCoconut cream is best taken when it’s from a real coconut and not from a bottle that claims it uses real coconut extracts. Coconut cream can be very sticky and it has a very strong sweet smell that is hard to wash off but when you treat your hair with this the benefits are so obvious you’d want to go through it all again.

You’ll need to take large chunk of coconut cream and allow it to warm naturally in your hands. When it is pliable and soft to the touch you need to massage this into your scalp and then gently pull it down the strands of your hair.

Coconut hair mask is a very potent conditioner and is one of the key ingredients to making any head of hair look fabulous. Even celebrities turn to coconut cream hair mask.

Apple Cider Vinegar

The 3 Best Natural Hair Masks You Can Try at Home apple-cider-vinegarApple cider vinegar is a favorite amongst DIY guides because of its numerous properties against bacteria and fungus growth but it also works as a very efficient natural hair mask. You’ll need to get this online however since it is very hard to get apple cider vinegar right from the plant; there is a long fermentation process to sit through, after all.

When you do have 100% apple cider vinegar you can apply this to your scalp and hair to treat itchiness, dandruff, and to get rid of excess grease and oils. It treats your scalp and hair from the roots, giving you healthy hair that will naturally grow nice, long, and beautifully.

Try these hair masks and have beautiful hair in no time!


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