Accessorize to Impress: The 5 Must-Haves

Written by Sierra Hamilton | Reviewed by Linda Simko Last Updated: March 16, 2024

Whether you’re dressing for a formal dinner or hanging out with friends at the club you’ll want to look your best. However, having the best clothes isn’t going to do everything – if you want to impress you need to fill in the gaps with the perfect accessories.

There are a lot of choices, especially for women, but there are five must-have accessories that will perfectly complement your look as long as you know what works with certain fashion statements. Consider these five below:


Accessorize to Impress The 5 Must-Haves sunglassesEvery woman looks great in sunglasses – heck, women look great in large aviators even when it makes their faces so small they look like bugs. It’s a look that makes any woman shine.

Unlike men who often have to choose their glasses basing on what they’re wearing as well as the shape of their jaw, women can pretty much wear any type of sunglasses. Aviators, geeky square frames, small wiry reading glasses, and even round oculars work wonders.

If you want to play safe, then large aviators are your best shot. The large size will cover up anything you want to hide and it can make you look very trendy if you’re pairing the glasses with a scarf and overcoat. They look cute on women with small faces and stunning on women with long faces.


Accessorize to Impress The 5 Must-Haves clutches bagWomen love their wallets and mini-purses but nothing beats the clutch. Clutches are a woman’s weapon of elegance and style – they look pretty no matter what material they are made of and even the lower end brands churn up some designs that can make your dress go from good to stunning.

Clutches don’t really have much use since they’re not really made to hold anything larger than a phone, credit card, and lipstick but that’s because it’s not meant to. These are made to be held and shown off. You don’t tuck them out of sight like you would a purse – no, these you keep in plain sight because they are there to accentuate your looks.

Gold Necklaces

Accessorize to Impress The 5 Must-Haves gold necklaceNecklaces are never going to leave a woman’s top-five list of accessories but out of all the choices and varieties out there, gold is the primary choice here. Yes, a diamond may last forever and could be a woman’s best friend but gold is the eternal standard.

Delicate gold necklaces are the finest choices since they can make a bare neckline suddenly become the center of attention. Don’t have the breast-size men look at? You can still seductively draw their attention to your neck with a simple golden lace against bare skin.


Accessorize to Impress The 5 Must-Haves scarvesWhen someone mentions a scarf people often think of the old wool wrapped around their grandmother’s neck for winter but when it comes to fashion, a scarf is a woman’s centerpiece. Whether it is a silk scarf, cashmere, wool, or linen it can turn an otherwise plain ensemble into something spectacular.

The key is to know when to use bold prints or when to stick with plain, solid colors. The trick is to play opposites with your dress. So for example, if you’re wearing a solid emerald tower dress then a bold, striking scarf will draw attention, contrasting well against the dress. This will help people notice your gorgeous shape.

Oversized Watch

Accessorize to Impress The 5 Must-Haves oversized watchA simple watch can be a great timepiece but to stand out as an attractive accessory it has to be a bit bigger than usual. Larger women’s watches can function both as a bracelet and as a functional timepiece. If you’re not sure what kind of watch to go with, gold is a perfect standard.

Wear it loose like a bracelet and make sure it’s seen. If you have a clutch bag then hold it with the watch hand. This will make sure your complete ensemble is always visible.


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