2014 is coming to a close and the next year is inching its way in. As winter waves good-bye you better get ready for the bursting fashion trends of spring 2015. A lot of what worked for 2014’s winter season will suddenly bow out– cardigans, trench coats, and fur linings will no longer be chic.

To get ready for spring 2015 here are a few trends that are bound to make it big:

Bohemian Evening Dresses

What to Wear in Spring 2015 Bohemian Evening DressesTired of those heavy evening dresses made from leather and thick cotton-polyester? Yes, they will also remain in style so long as Vogue magazine is still operating in the world of humankind but designer brands are starting to loosen up with a turn towards Bohemian evening dresses.

You can finally let go and wear a soft, silhouette dress that shows off a lot of skin and outlines the soft lines of your figure. If you want to draw even more attention to this “fairy and forest” style you can pair your Earthy dress with copper bracelets and white gold necklaces instead of regular yellow gold.

Sandals and stiletto shoes work best with this kind of trend. You want to show off skin and look natural instead of all tight and formal. Let go of thigh high boots and thick scarves for this one – silk scarf and light-colored clutches are better choices here.

Altuzarra, Vera Wang, and Valentino are all good designers relishing in this spring design right now so look there for designer samples.

Flared Trouser Suits

What to Wear in Spring 2015 Flared Trouser SuitsTrouser suits are already an awkward choice but 2015’s trends look like they will up the ante with loud trouser suits for spring. Pinstripes, cowbells belts, and cropped trousers are hitting a stride and will become the sophisticated office look for spring.

Whimsical might seem hard to pull off but there are ways to get this trend right. For one thing, your trouser suit should be a matching pair and you need to let go of the thick shoulder pads. Go in favor of unique designs like loud pinstripes or twine accessories.

For footwear, you want to accentuate the design patterns of your spring look so stick with laced ankles or soft shimmering sandals. Even flat sandals will look nice if they have a golden finish or fine glittery laces wrapped around your heels and ankles.

If you’re not sure how to pull this late spring look then look at Chanel and Celine for good inspirations.

Midriff Baring Designs

What to Wear in Spring 2015 Midriff Baring DesignsTake a look at any one-piece gown. Now tear it right in the middle so it bares your tummy. Keep going until you have a ripped hanging top and a loose but elegant bottom. If you were to re-stitch and re-work that setup into a real designer style then you have the midriff baring design.

The midriff baring takes everything about formal evening dresses and turns it upside down. The look is still elegant and formal but the sudden sneak peek of flesh right in the middle makes for a very modern twist. Yet somehow it works!

This can become very ravishing when you are wearing light-colored clothing that fades in with the tone of your skin. It’s like wearing a spring dress but with more skin and more style. It’s subtly sexy and silent but it is making spring designers turn their heads.

Dressing Up This Spring

Dressing up this upcoming spring might seem like a tall order. A lot of new design concepts are emerging and without many samples to look into you might be worried about getting left behind. The old concepts still work, like denim and fringes, but the spring of 2015 is looking like a time for experimentation. You want to embrace the sun and look sexy while retaining a flare of elegance.