Most women cannot leave home without makeup. This is a fact that we should all be aware of by now. And it also explains why the cosmetics industry is a multi billion dollar business. One of the essential kinds of cosmetics are powders and foundations and on this aspect, you’ve probably heard of BB creams and CC creams.

Advertisements tend to focus on these two types of makeup and sometimes they are used interchangeably as if they were one and the same. In many ways, they do have similarities but there are also subtle differences that set them apart. Here is a look at both BB creams and CC creams and what they are for.

BB Creams

BB Creams vs CC Creams Which is Better Beauty BalmBB creams (or beauty balm) originated in Asia and were popular cosmetic product in eastern countries like Japan, China, and South Korea. These creams are a bit thick and heavy and are used primarily for skin moisturizing, protection from ultraviolet radiation, make-up primer, and skin foundation. Some of the later BB creams incorporate ingredients that make them potent anti-aging products.

Most BB creams come in thick bottles and are best used for moisturizing purposes. Beauty balms are also used to cover blemishes and scars from pimples, rashes and other skin irritations. Beauty balms are also great primers – as mentioned above – and are applied to the skin to ensure even distribution of make-up and an even skin tone.

CC Creams

BB Creams vs CC Creams Which is Better Color CorrectingCC creams (color correcting) are basically slightly advanced versions of BB creams. This is because they also originate from Asian countries, are used as skin moisturizers, primers, foundation, and for sun protection. At first glance, the purpose of CC creams is generally the same as any BB cream found in the market today.

However, CC creams tend to be lighter and have a more intimate focus on skin protection as well as its anti-aging properties. While you may still use CC creams as a primer or foundation for make-up, they are better used for sensitive skin.

Which One Should You Use

When it comes to the debate of BB creams versus CC creams, it all comes down to a matter of skin sensitivity and purpose. If you want an even skin tone and more prevalent make-up effects, then you should stick with BB creams. If you want an anti-aging solution that doesn’t feel so heavy on the skin, then CC creams are your best bet.

If you interchange one with the other, there won’t be much of a repercussion. The only time you’d face any complication is if you are very sensitive to chemical products. The lighter nature of CC creams is brought about by its use of natural ingredients while BB creams tend to utilize chemical additives that might not be applicable for everyone.

Choosing the Best BB or CC Cream

If you are looking for the best BB or CC cream suitable for your skin and needs, then your best bet is to shop online. It is already very convenient because you don’t have to waste time or money to leave your home and you can shop so long as you are online on any device.

Online selections tend to be more varied than what you’ll find in any brick and mortar store and you are more likely to find the exact brand and shade of BB or CC cream that suits you.

Just make sure that the ingredients used in the product are topnotch and that they match your skin type and color. And just like wine, you may need to try a few options before you can find one that is perfect for you.