Winter Coats for Petite Women

Written by Sierra Hamilton | Reviewed by Linda Simko Last Updated: March 16, 2024

There used to be this idea that petite women can wear anything. The problem is that this isn’t necessarily true, especially when it comes to covering up for winter. Yes, petite women can bundle up to keep warm but with the wrong choice of winter coats they’ll look like a stuffed potato instead of a dashing, sharp and sophisticated woman.

So what kind of winter coats work best for petite women? If you want to look good this winter while still staying fashionable then follow these very simple tips:

Tip #1: Avoid Thick Coats

Winter Coats for Petite Women avoid thick coatsAs mentioned above, you don’t want to make yourself look like an engulfed sack of sausages. Keeping warm doesn’t mean you have to look like a football. You’ll need to avoid double-breasted coats and coats with really thick linings.

Even if you have a nice hourglass figure you shouldn’t go with a thick double-breasted coat because it will completely engulf you. The best way to stay warm and yet still be able to wear single breasted coats is to choose warmer materials. This is where wool and cotton-blends come in handy.

Pea coats are a good choice as well. They aren’t too thick and engulfing but they are very comfortable and warm to wear. They make ideal choices on both practicality and fashion.

Tip #2: Not Too Long

Winter Coats for Petite Women short coatsIf you have a petite frame then you’re worst enemy is a coat that makes you look shorter than you are. This means you’ll want to skip long coats since they’ll cover you up and make you look like a walking mushroom. That sounds horrible so if you want to avoid that concept you’ll do much better with coats that end at your thighs.

Shorter coats will let your legs show off. Of course the disadvantage with a shorter coat is that your lower half could chill in mere minutes. Fix this by wearing winter leggings. If you’re wearing winter leggings that aren’t too thick then you can still look sexy while staying warm.

Shorter coats also look very fabulous with booties. Booties might not sound like a great fashion choice for the winter season but if you have thicker booties with thick high heels then you not only look slim but you’ll also mask your petite frame by being a few inches taller.

Another tip here is to get a coat that ties tightly around the waist, especially for petite women with hourglass shapes. It will put more emphasis on the best parts of your frame and thus mask your stature.

Tip #3: Rich and Bold Colors

Winter Coats for Petite Women black coatBlack is always going to be neat choice since it works with just about any design but it won’t give you much advantage either. You’ll look okay in a black coat but it won’t work any magic on you. If you want to stand out and not look so small and tiny then the best choice is to go for rich and bold colors.

White and black patterns are amazing. They will help you become more of a stand-out icon instead of a wallflower blending in the background, a problem most petite women face. A touch of red and green also help elevate your stature so something dazzling in such bright colors would be a good choice.

If you don’t have a white coat or any winter coat with a bright solid color then fix this by using a scarf. A scarf isn’t just for keeping you warm – it can help accentuate your coat’s fashion status by performing its role.

Look Dashing and Trendy in Winter Coats

Just because you’re petite it doesn’t mean you should settle looking like a walking sack of rocks. With these simple tips you can still look hot and trendy without sacrificing warmth and practicality.


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