Best Beautiful Hair Styles for Short Hair

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We know how hard it is to find the best beautiful hair styles for short hair that actually work. Whether it’s braided styles for short hair or just styling short hair, it can be difficult to get anything to hold tight.

With little hair, there is not much to pin back and there isn’t much to work with at all. Sometimes there is not enough hair for the specific hairstyle to look good, but for those with short hair, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

There are a variety of styles to pick from and many of them will only work with short hair. We will be covering hair from shoulder length to shave, for both women and men. Braid styles can be tricky with the lengths and can typically only be done with shoulder-length short hair.

Bobbed styles are very popular and are rising in the charts among the most popular best beautiful hair styles in the USA and around the world. Stay in tune for the best beautiful hair styles for women and the best beautiful hair styles for men with short hair.

Best Beautiful Hair Styles For Women

1. Vintage Best Beautiful Hair Styles

20 Short Vintage Hairstyles 15

If you are more on the old fashion side, this may be just the right look for you! Depending on what type of hair texture you have, this could possibly be one of the easiest things to do! All you really need are big rollers, a big curling iron, and lots of hairsprays. Typically girls have one of everything always on hand just in case, but if not, then the tools are easily found either online or at your nearest department store or beauty salon. The tools will be cheaper in a department store but maybe more dependable from a beauty salon.

2. Colored Vintage Best Beautiful Hair Styles

Vintage Short Hair 1

For all you brave and fearless millennial’s out there, this is the perfect look. If you’re looking to start as the center of attention and slay in life, try out the colored vintage hairstyle. Top off this look with some colored lipstick to contrast the hair and you’ll be the star of the show. Lipstick is not hard to keep up with as long as you keep it on you at all times.

You will need rollers and big curling iron as well as hairspray and maybe some bobby pins for this hairstyle. The color gives enough pop that the rest does not need to be so perfect. The texture of heavily treated hair will be easier to style and holds for a longer period of time. This is a great look for a music festival, a concert, a photoshoot, and more hipster events.

3. Simple

ss short hairstyles today 160421 jenna dewan tatum ss slide desktop

This simple hairstyle is very easy to do as long as you have a straightener. This can be casual as well. You can certainly lounge around the house with simply just straightened hair. There is no one that said you have to lounge in a bun. Be confident and lounge while looking amazing. Many people do this specific hairstyle for casual wear. Top off this hairstyle with an oversized t-shirt or sparkly earrings to draw attention to your beautiful straight hair.

4. Bobbed Hairstyles

hbz winter haircuts hanaa ben abdesslem

One word: SHARP… This look can cut like a knife and pour out power. Bobs have become more and more popular over the years and have proved to be contagious. When one person gets it, more and more begin to as well. Bobbed hairstyles go with any outfit and the only bad thing about them is that they cannot be put up in a ponytail or a bun. The bottom is too short to reach into an elastic. The bob most certainly is a look that can kill, though.

5. Short Bobbed Hairstyle


The short bobbed hairstyle is just another form of a bob cut. The sharp and beautiful look is casually and naturally beautiful in any situation. As seen in the picture, the bob cut can be any color. This one in specific is red and orange giving an autumn look. These can be any color. Many people have them done as brown with blonde highlights or vice versa. Blonde highlights look amazing with a bob cut as long as you keep up with the coloring.

6. Braid Styles (For Short Hair)

Braided Hairstyles for Short Hair Asian Hair Style

Braiding in short hair is rather hard because it can be difficult to stay in. Small braids are the ones that are the easiest for short hair. Longer braids and anything out of the “french braid” category is extremely hard to do because the hair is so short past the ear. Braiding both sides gives a very chic and casual look. Braids go with anything and can be dressy enough for a wedding or casual enough for a softball game.

7. Braid Hairstyles for Short Hair (Waterfall)


The waterfall braid has gained a lot of popularity over the years. It has been called one of the most beautiful hairstyles and is used for proms, homecoming, formals, and more. Many people wear this casually because of how pretty and how easy this braid hairstyle is to create.

8. Feathered Hairstyles for Short Hair

Feather Cut Hairstyles2

As you can see in the image above, the feathered hairstyle is a beautiful pick. Many actresses and professional women get this specific hairstyle done because of how professional it makes them look. The feathered hairstyle for short hair may be outdated and considered a 90’s theme, but if you look close enough to society nowadays, themes and fashion from the 90s are coming back into style in the teenage generation. People try to look old fashion and try to make their hair old fashion for style.

Brides Hairstyles for Short Hair 12

Another option for the feathered hairstyle is to keep it shorter and sharper. Adding these simple flowers to the feathered and gelled-out look will give it the pop it needs to survive in a world with culture around women having long and beautiful hair. Short-haired women unite and come together to create a new and important change in hairstyles.

Short Hair Style Trends for Women 2


Want to make a difference and be bold? Try something crazy like a sidecut. These are very easy to keep up with because all you have to do is keep the side short and make the rest happen magically! Usually, with short hair, natural hair is perfect because it lays just right on your head. In this image, she straightened the pieces that hang down to give it a chic and feathery look.

9. Mix Feather Cut and Braided Hairstyles Together

cute hairstyles for short hair bridesmaid this style basically is a pixie cut and the bang is braided like a french styled braid 5594c9cbd8968


This was a great idea! What better way to top off a beautiful feathered hairstyle than with a small fishtail braid. It is very cute and can be worn to do anything at all.

Best Beautiful Hair Styles For Men

For as many men claim that they cannot do anything with men’s hair because it is so short, they obviously never looked on the internet, TV, or watched any kind of tutorial videos. There are amazing things that you can do with men’s hair. Many men think that styling their hair is too fruity or not their thing, but they have never tried and never got the reward from the amazing outcome.

By styling your hair… you will win in life and you will look far more motivated and professional as compared to the normal guy in the office with barely a haircut. Take care of your hair, because people judge people first and foremost by their hair, believe it or not. Hair has a personality, and if your hair doesn’t look good, basically you don’t look good either. Thus, hair is right insight and right on top of your head, you have to make sure you put in the time to make it look amazing!

20 combined long short hairstyle

This look has long hair combined with short hair, which gives the perfect balance and a hot look. Mixing it up a little will keep you on the wild side and never let you down when it comes to business and making deals. The nicer you look, the more convincing you will be. Top it off with a faint yet very well-kept beard.

1. Short Curly Hairstyles for Men

Best short curly hairstyles for men 2014 pictures

This look has become more and more popular over the past couple of years. Curly is the new straight. Everyone wants curly hair and everyone wants those perfect ringlets to work on their hair too. Some men have naturally curly hair and can pull off this look with very little work.

2. Semi-Bun

perfect semi bun hairstyles for men combined with short haircut in the bottom part


Again, this is partially long hair and partly short hair. This look is perfect with a mini semi-bun on top of the head. Whoever did this first is a genius because everyone else started doing it too. It is the perfect way to keep that hair out of your face while still being cool and hipster.

Many guys who do this hairstyle never get rid of it until they absolutely need to. It is beautiful and edgy. Also, society is accepting everything these days, and trying something new for yourself is greatly appreciated every day.


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