Some people purchase a tanning bed that they can use at home while others simply go to a tanning salon. If this is your first time to go to one, keep in mind that you should only use the tanning bed for several minutes at a time. This is because you first have to check your skin’s reaction to the tanning. You may increase the duration later on, but never more than 20 minutes. Learn more about tanning by reading this article.

Safety of Tanning Salons

tanning-eyewear-300x194A very important thing you need to know is the safety of using tanning beds in tanning salons. Obviously, you’re there to achieve a golden tan but it shouldn’t come at the expensive of your well being and health.

Generally speaking, tanning beds in salons are safe to use. But it’s imperative that you follow safety guidelines and some common sense. First of all, you should wear lotion to keep your skin protected from harmful UV rays. You can get this from the salon or buy one for yourself. There are many such products in drug stores. You should also consider wearing goggles to protect your eyes. In fact, you should keep your eyes covered not only to avoid health problems but also to prevent wrinkles from forming.

When it comes to tanning, the key is not to overdo it. If you notice skin irritation, it’s time to stop, at least temporarily. Getting a good tan is nice but your number one priority should be your safety.

Are Tanning Beds Dangerous?

a0069-000366aExposing your body to UV light always pose some danger. Although generally speaking, getting a natural tan at the beach is more dangerous than getting a tan in a salon. But to ensure your safety, you should know how to use a tanning bed. If you’re unsure, seek assistance from the salon staff.

Some studies have shown a link between skin cancer and the use of tanning beds. However, the risks go down significantly if you simply follow safety guidelines. Again, the key is not to overdo it. Start at the lowest levels until you’re sure of how your body reacts to the tanning. Keep it at 5 minute sessions if you’re new to tanning beds and just increase to no more than 20 minutes per session if you’ve been frequenting tanning salons already.

What are the Long Term Effects of Going to Tanning Salons?

sunburnMany women do worry about the long term effects of using tanning beds. The truth is, there are some issues you need to worry about. Tanning beds can change your skin and eyes as well as your overall health. There have also been documented cases of users developing skin cancer although these, for the most part, are because of excessive use of tanning beds. They are usually those who use tanning beds several times a day or they stay in the tanning bed for extended periods.

The good news is, you can greatly reduce the risks if you simply take extra precaution and use your better judgment. As mentioned earlier, using lotion and protective eyewear (goggles) can significantly prevent dangers of UV exposure. Limiting your use of tanning beds is also advised. Keeping your sessions short (no more than 10 minutes) will prevent you from developing unwanted effects.

Can Pregnant Women Go to Tanning Salons?

thumbs_92771-belly_main_newbeauty.png.660x0_q80_crop-scale_upscaleThe consensus is not to use tanning beds when you’re pregnant. Most doctors advise their pregnant patients against using tanning beds although some give the go-signal as long as you keep it to no more than a few minutes at a time. If you think it’s important that you go to a salon, make sure you don’t overdo it and drink lots of water. But as much as possible, don’t go to a tanning salon if you’re pregnant.

Are You at Risk for Skin Cancer?

As mentioned earlier, there are documented reports of people developing cancer after frequent visits to tanning salons or excessive use of tanning beds. However, the risk is much higher for those who:

  • Have fair skin
  • Gets sunburn easily
  • Have red or blond hair
  • Have green, blue or gray eyes
  • Have a family history of skin cancer

Tanning in salons is better than tanning at the beach. It’s also safer. But that’s not to say you shouldn’t take precautions. As with anything else, make sure you follow guidelines to ensure your safety.