The Best Kids Summer Hairstyles for 2024

Written by Sierra Hamilton | Reviewed by Linda Simko Last Updated: March 16, 2024

Summer is a fun time for kids. Children will finally be able to spend most of their time outdoors. They can play in their backyards, go on a sleepover, or perhaps spend an afternoon in the pool with their friends. To make the most of the summer, they can have the best kids summer hairstyles so they won’t be bothered by loose strands and a sweaty head.

Kids Summer Hairstyles

For Girls

1. Braided Pigtails

KIDS SUMMER HAIRSTYLES Braided pigtailsThis is a sweet and simple hairdo that’s perfect for every little lady. You can make her look even more adorable this summer by braiding her hair into 2 pigtails and securing them with fun colored ribbons.

2. Messy Bun

You can create a loose bun that will make your child look cute and cool all summer. To do this, simply squirt a small amount of hair gel and then slick her hair back. Secure the hair in the middle of your child’s head and blow-dry the ponytail to create a wave. Wind the ponytail around the base and secure using bobby pins. Then, pill a few strands to give it a messy effect.

3. Ponytail With A Twist

kids summer hairstyles French braidBrush your child’s hair back and make a high ponytail. Separate a small section of hair from inside the ponytail and then braid it. Secure the end using a ponytail holder and then twist the ponytail braid around the base of your child’s head in such a way that it covers the ponytail holder. Secure it with some clips.

4. Braided Beauty

You can make your princess all glammed up with these kids summer hairstyles. You can opt for a French braid to give it a more classic look. Simply divide the hair into two sections parting from the middle. At the top of the first section, start braiding her hair until above the ear. Hold the rest with an elastic band. Then, do the same for the other side.

5. Classic Bob

A classic bob looks great on little girls. Cut right at your child’s jawline and layer slightly so as not to make the hair look heavy. Then using a wide-toothed comb, you can brush her hair after she gets out of the shower. Part the hair and let it dry. You can use a flat iron to enhance the look.

For Boys

1. Beach Bum

This hairstyle looks great on men but it’s just as adorable on your child. This is excellent for little boys with wavy hair. Simply comb his hair using your fingers to arrange the top hair forward and the side and back going downward. Then, apply a scrunch curling cream to ensure the hair doesn’t get unruly.

2. Teacher’s Pet

Ah, one of the classic kids summer hairstyles for boys. This one is really cute. Simply apply medium hold gel on your child’s wet hair. Use a fine-toothed comb to part the hair on one side. Then, comb hair down on the sides and upwards and over the top in the front to create volume.

3. Little Troublemaker

If you have a toddler this is the perfect hairstyle for the summer. Simply brush his hair using your fingers forward while it’s still wet. Then, add some styling products to add texture.

4. Spiked Up

kids summer hairstyles Spiked upOlder kids wouldn’t want to try some of the hairstyles we’ve mentioned above. They’re ideal for little kids. So if you’ve got a son who’s at least 9, he will prefer the spiked hairstyle. Simply use your fingers to get his top hair to stand leaning towards his face. Then, add a strong hold styling gel using your palms and fingers.

5. Low Maintenance

Some boys are just too active especially during summer that they always end up with messy and wet hair from the sweat. So, if you want your child to still look neat even after a full day of playing in your backyard, you can try this particular hairstyle. Then, just tell your barber to keep your child’s hair as thin and short as possible. No styling needed.

With all these kids summer hairstyles, we’re sure there’s at least one here that will be perfect for your child!

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