Glossier Boy Brow: Miracle Worker or Mundane Makeup?

Written by Sierra Hamilton | Reviewed by Linda Simko Last Updated: March 16, 2024

Some people are born with perfect brows and some are not. However, Glossier Boy Brow will help you have one.

According to Glossier Reps, Mustache wax is what inspired Boy Brow. The idea was the best brows are the ones you are born with. Think Cara Delevingne. So, Emily Weiss just needed to figure out the best way to tame and shape what we already have.

Glossier Boy Brow is a good product and has worth $16. It does not just make you have beautiful and bushier eyebrows but also saves money. Let’s compare it to a few other products and some of the most common issues that come with eyebrow fillers and gels.

Similar Brow Filler Product Prices

  • Brow Wiz by Anastasia Beverly Hills. $22 at Sephora
  • GIMME BROW Volumizing Gel, $24 at Sephora
  • Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara by Maybelline, 7$ on Amazon
  • Legendary Brows by Charlotte Tilbury, $23 at Nordstrom
  • Volu-Boost Brow Fibre Gel by Soap & Glory Archery, $14 on Amazon
  • Brow This Way by Rimmel London, $6 on Amazon
  • Easy Breezy Brow Shape + Define by Covergirl, $9 on Amazon
  • Brow Tech to Go by Smashbox, $28 at Sephora
  • NYX Eyebrow Gel, $10on Amazon
  • Eyeko Brow Gel, $24 at Ulta

When we look at the prices, we can see that Glossier Boy Brow is right in the middle of the road price-wise. But is it middling in quality or does it live up to the claims of a product we can’t live without?

Does Glossier Brow Boy Have Any of These Problems?

Common Problem: Chemical Smell

Some eyebrow fillers have made me nervous while applying the products. I recently tried one upscale-ish brand that had a strong chemical smell.

When you can practically see the chemical fumes waving through the air like a distant mirage, you naturally wonder what it is doing to your body. That same product had a major recall, and I question if the chemical factor is the reason why.

Answer: No. Thankfully, Glossier Boy Brow is NOT laden with chemical smells.

Common Problem: Stains Skin Around Brows

Pigment stains are another issue found with some brow fillers, especially tinted brow gels. Some products will ever so slightly stain the skin around the eyebrows. Brow stains reduce the natural look that you were trying to achieve.

I’ve run into this problem with some of the cheaper product lines. There are eyebrow stains that are specially made to do just that. But this is not what I am talking about. I am referring to the unwanted staining that takes half of the next morning to scrub off.

Answer: No. I use Glossier Boy Brow in brown for some extra wallop, and it never leaves any stains on my skin.

Common Problem: Thick or ‘Goopy’ Feel When Applied

A gunked-up feeling is a common complaint. Especially with gel-based brow fillers. As a gel, you expect it to be a little ‘goopy’. But when your hand-eye coordination isn’t spectacular, you go to smudge city when trying to work on one small area of your brows.

Answer: Yes. Glossier Boy Brow can be a little smudgy if you rake the full amount of the brush through your brow in one go. The trick is to maintain a light attack.

The best part about this particular brow filler is that it stays malleable for quite a few minutes. So if you make a mistake, just use a makeup wipe to clean the smudge. It’s a wax, not a gel, so the goopy feeling also goes away once Boy Brow gets a few minutes of air on it.

Common Problem: Dries Too Stiff

Nobody wants to look like Lemony Snicket. You don’t need brows that look like they were treated with half of a jumbo-sized can of Aquanet.

Having your eyebrow filler dry your brows into a rigid mass isn’t as bad as having eyebrow stains, in my opinion. But it can be a tad uncomfortable and make your skin feel stiff as well.

Answer: No. Boy Brow feels more like a thickening pomade. It holds your brows in place for hours on end but remains soft and feels natural.

Common Problem: Scratchy Brow Brush

Scratchy applicators are something we run into a lot with both brushes and pencils. Sometimes you love the finished product but hate the applicator that comes with it.

I don’t know how many different eyebrow pencils and applicator brushes have felt like I am scratching lines into my brows. It’s more than uncomfortable and leaves you wondering why they didn’t spend a few more cents to make their product comfortable to use.

It makes you feel like they don’t care about you. Like, “We could have made this product truly awesome. But instead, we let you scratch your face off every day because we don’t care …”

Answer: No. Glossier Boy Brow is one of my two favorite applicators. It has a tiny spoolie that allows you to sculpt, shape, and build natural-looking volume.

And just in case you were wondering what my other favorite brow filler applicator is, it’s Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Brows. They both share similar traits, so that is most likely why they are my two favorites. The spoolie is very thin, though a tad bit longer than the Boy Brow applicator.

What is Glossier Boy Brow?

Boy Brow is a creamy wax brow tamer that is inspired by hair and mustache pomades. The wax makes it softer and more natural than traditional brow gels. It eliminates flyaways without your brows ever feeling stuck to your face.

Some people are dismayed when they see the size of the wand and applicator tip. They think that it is too small and that they won’t be able to tame their bushy brows. This is not the case. The small spoolie gives you complete control over the way you build volume into your eyebrows and the direction you want for the hairs.


Use short upward strokes to build full, fluffy brows. I use Boy Brow clear for my everyday eyebrows. When I am feeling saucy and want that extra pop, I use the brown pigmented version.

Glossier Brow Boy Shades

Four Shades Of Brow Boy

  • Clear
  • Blonde
  • Brown
  • Black

Boy Brow has just about the perfect amount of pigment. It is enough to notice a difference in side-to-side darkness. But not enough to look like you resorted to a sharpie or thicker pencil.

What Glossier Boy Brow Achieves?

Have you ever noticed that boys have wonderfully full, healthy-looking brows and lashes?

It is so frustrating because they don’t care. Men are not even trying to achieve anything with their brow look.

Thinking about it like that is when I realized that all of my penciling and tweezing was only sculpting and defining the edges around my brows. I was losing the appearance of individual gaps between each brow hair instead of gaining.

That’s why we love boy brows. We notice that thick, healthy definition.

Glossier Boy Brow helps you to define your eyebrows naturally. The creamy wax fluffs while holding the individual hairs in place. These aspects allow for a definition that I have never been able to get until now.

This stuff does have a magnificently long-lasting hold. One of my favorite quotes about Glossier’s brow filler was on Marie Claire. Taylor Glynn said, “I applied this on Friday morning, danced my ass off until sunrise, and woke up for brunch with the exact same brows.”

Don’t Raise Your Brow At The Conclusion

Boy Brow is definitely worth your investment. When you google Glossier Sephora, you’ll get results pointing towards their community forum of real people who are ‘obsessed’ with Glossier products.

For me, Glossier Boy Brow is one of the best eyebrow fillers on the market. And because of that, it is even more amazing that it is only $16. The tube is small. But you get a top-notch product that is long-lasting. This means you don’t have to keep reapplying throughout the day. Because you only have to use it once, each tube should last you for a solid six weeks.

I am very excited about what new products Emily Weiss comes out with next. She really nailed it Boy Brow. Glossier has replaced the gel-based eyebrow fillers I used to use. And I don’t regret the change.


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