Bridesmaid Hairstyles to Make Your Friends Happy

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Whether you are the bride or the bridesmaid, you want everything to look perfect on the wedding day. And that includes the bridesmaids. After spending hours looking for the perfect dress and flowers that everyone loves, you might overlook minor details like makeup and hairstyles. The bride might want everyone’s hair to match or wants to allow each to have their own creative style. It is to showcase their personality. Whatever the look calls for, we have found the perfect bridesmaid hairstyles that your friends will love.

Top Bridesmaid Hairstyles to Consider and Apply

There are several options when it comes to styling your bridesmaid’s hair. Choose styles that match each woman’s personality. Also, don’t force one to wear something they don’t feel comfortable with. However, with so many possibilities, we are positive everyone will find a style they love! So, feel free to follow these styles to a tee or put your own twist on them.

1. Chic Chignon Bridesmaid Hairstyles

a woman with a low bun hairstyle

A simple, yet classic updo hairstyle is a chignon. From the meaning ‘nape of the neck, a classic chignon is made by pulling the hair and styling it into a low bun knot. It can be secured with bobby pins and reinforced by hair spray. The beautiful hairstyle is simple to accomplish and is easy to put your own twist on it. Then, it will complement any dress from a simple cocktail dress to a flowing gown.

Take your bridesmaid hairstyles to the next level by embellishing the hair with flowers or crystals. Match the look of any embellishments of the dress or flowers in the bouquet. You can also change the design of the chignon by adding a braid or twist. The possibilities are endless.

To create a classic chic chignon, begin by brushing your hair. Part your hair down the middle or side, depending on your preference. Smooth it behind your ears. Gather your hair at the nape of your neck. Coil the hair into a bun and secure it with four pins on every side. You can also use smaller clips to manage any flyaways or stray hairs. Set the final look with hairspray. Then, make sure to add any embellishments before spraying the hair spray.

2. Beachy Waves Bridesmaid Hairstyles

a woman with long red hair

Whether your bridesmaids will be watching you say “I do” on a tropical beach or in an intimate courthouse ceremony, beachy waves are always in style. No matter what your hair length is, you can pull off this beautiful look. Hairstylists recommend that you skip washing your hair the day before doing this look to add some much-needed texture to your hair. Also, there are several ways to create this look, most of them involve a curling iron or other heat source.

However, Pretty Gossip has a great method for creating gorgeous beachy waves without the use of heat. This process is much better for your hair because it doesn’t use damaging heat. So, this particular method calls for damp hair, and is best to start styling the night before.

Split your hair into two sections on the left and right. Starting at the root, twist the hair all the way to the base. Once you have wrapped both sections, secure both ends on the crown of your head. The next step is extremely easy, just go to bed and sleep peacefully. In the morning, remove the clips and toss your hair. You should have beachy waves, perfect for any occasion!

3. Milkmaid Braid Hairstyle

two models presenting braided hairstyles

Braids can be utilized in a number of ways. However, a milkmaid braid is a perfect look for a simple flowing gown. This style works best on women with medium to long length straight hair. So, this bohemian style is absolutely gorgeous and one of the best bridesmaid hairstyles. However, it can be a difficult hairstyle to master for beginners. With that, we recommend going to a professional to make sure your milkmaid braid looks just right.

However, one blogger wrote a great tutorial on how to master it yourself (if you are brave enough)! First, create two pigtails and braid them. Once you have two braided pigtails, pull one around to the top of your head. Make sure to secure the braid. Then, repeat the same process with the other braid and secure. To secure both braids, pin the ends on the top of your head. It sounds simple but looks absolutely fantastic. Also, you can pop over to Advice From A Twenty Something‘s site and check out her fool-proof tutorial.

4. Properly Accessorized Hairstyles

a woman with long hair

Maybe fancy bridesmaid hairstyles don’t work for your bridesmaids. Some women don’t feel comfortable “all dolled up.” However, there are ways to style your hair without a fancy updo or over-the-top curls. Find a gorgeous headband or clip. Then, a simple low ponytail or bun can instantly be dressed up with a headband.

Turn a simple side part into a statement by clipping up one side with a unique clip. These low-key bridesmaid hairstyles will add a touch of class to any look. Allowing your bridal party the freedom to choose what they feel the most comfortable with. So, if they decide to go the hair accessory route, give them a couple of options to choose from. Then, this is the perfect way to give them creative freedom, while you still have the final say on their complete look.

Bottom Line

There are literally thousands of different ways to style your bridesmaids’ hair. It doesn’t matter the length, texture, or color, if you have a vision, you can achieve it. From intricate updos to flowing waves, make sure to pick bridesmaid hairstyles that everyone loves. So, get inspiration from the wedding decor, color palette, and even the season. The possibilities are endless. Then, don’t miss out on this perfect opportunity to perfect your bridal party’s look!

Do you have advice for future brides and bridesmaids? What is your formal go-to hairstyle? So, share your opinions in the comments below.


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