Best Way to Apply Skin Creams For Efficient Results

Written by Sierra Hamilton | Reviewed by Linda Simko Last Updated: March 16, 2024

The skin-care custom is pretty obvious; wash the face, add some moisturizer and treatment, smear uniformly on the skin and it is done! If this is your routine, you could be paving way to damaging your skin instead of treating it!

You must organize your products in order to realize their effectiveness. If you fail to do so, you will be wasting your finances, effort and time on the product along with working towards losses. Unfortunately, with the beauty market stretching by day, it is pretty complex for them to display the ideal hierarchy of using their products. Today, anything is referred to as serum-oil, gel, crème or lotion. It is very difficult to know the product that should be named as such if they are to help in designing their order of use.

Tips to applying several skin products

The products that you use should have a significant flow with respect to their weight! For example, your second product should have the potential to penetrate through the first product. Consequently, it must be able to reach your skin because all products are for your skin rather than a cover to other products. Hence, the first product to apply should be your lighter followed by the remaining ones until you get to your heaviest crème that is equally most difficult to go through other products until it gets to your skin.

Therefore, coming out the terms gel, crème and lotions, you need to embrace ordinary terms. Apply your products that are alcohol or water based first then follow them up with our gels. On top of the gels should be your lighter lotions backed by thick serums. To conclude the application, you should use ointment based products; these are cosmetics that are free of water.

How to determine the weight of your product

Looking at the ingredients of your skincare products should be sufficient for you to determine the heaviest and lightest products at your disposure. Look at the ranking of lanolin, oils and petrolatum in the product. Normally, when they are higher, the product is generally harder to break through other products to your skin. Nonetheless, this procedure becomes trickier when you have to distinguish between two products of near to similar texture and viscosity.

Hence, if you fail to successfully go through the calculative procedure, then you should get to trial and error method. This is where you will apply a little amount of the product on your skin. If on smearing it you do not realize its absorption, then it will be extremely heavy. What is more, it will be of no beauty benefit to you! On the other hand, if the product sets and you can barely notice any residue, then it is the perfect one for your cosmetic needs. Even so, apart from ointments, all skincare products should find way to your skin.

The major skin products

There only exist two skin products; Acne and sunscreen products. Apply a little amount of sunscreen followed by your other products or use a moisturizer with sunscreen. As for acne, apply acne products on the affected regions even before your sunscreen. With these tips, your skin will become glamorous in due time!


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