Prom is quite possibly one of the most important events in any you person’s life, as it is a rite of passage. Before a prom, however, there are a few things you can do to make sure that you look and feel great.

To many mothers and teenagers, prom can be a daunting period especially if you’re including beauty treatments to the mix. With proper planning and spacing out of procedures, this need not add to the stress.

Teenage Facials

Teenage facials have been specifically designed to ensure that there are no harmful chemicals that could damage young skins. They have also been designed to target oily and combination skins, which seem to be the most prevalent among teenagers. Citrusy and fruity ones seem to be the most popular, leaving that young skin fresh and revived.

Done by when: It is recommended that the treatment is done at least a week or two before in case the facial results in unwanted spots

Funky Fingers

Whether you are a fan of acrylic or gel nails, the range is incredible. It really depends on what you had in mind, and you are not limited to either. If colour is your thing, perhaps gel would be the best option, however, having a good range available in coloured tips and embellishments may just point you in the direction of acrylic. You also have the option of just going for a manicure, and adding your own stick-on flowers, stars or hearts at home.

Done by when: this is usually recommended as close to the event as possible, however, not on the day of to ensure sufficient time is available for it to dry. The day before the event is usually the best.

Sun Treatments

Done by when: if you are intending on going a few shades darker, it’s best to start well in advance, perhaps a few weeks before to get used to the change in colour. If however, you are satisfied with the shade, you can have it done the day before the event. It usually lasts just beyond a week. Before fading.