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For over 25 years, Bubbles salon has made it a focal point to apply the newest, trendiest, and coolest hair trends to their loyal clients. To fulfill this, they have upheld a commitment to house only expert stylists, deliver exceptional customer service, provide value, and carry the finest of hairstyling products. Therefore, Bubbles salon has become a staple in the hair industry as clients looking for the latest looks and treatments can count on them. You can find Bubbles salons in the tri-state area of Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia, as well as Pennsylvania.

View the latest estimated Bubbles Salon prices (Bubbles Hair Salon prices) and services below.



Shampoo, Cut and Blowdry$35.00
Shampoo and Clipper Cut$30.00
Shampoo and Blowdry$25.00
Shampoo and Set$30.00
Shampoo, Cut and Set$40.00
Long Hair Charge$10.00
Curling or Flat Iron (additional to any service)$10.00


Single Color$50.00
Demi/Semi Color$50.00
Dimensional Color (2 or 3 colors)$70.00
Foil Highlights (partial)$70.00
Foil Highlights (full)$90.00
Face-Framing Highlights$50.00

Texture & Curl

Relaxer, Shampoo, Cut and Blowdry$90.00
Shampoo, Blowdry and Style - Relaxed Hair (flat iron and/or curl)$45.00
Shampoo, Blowdry and Style - Natural Hair (flat iron and/or curl)$60.00
Rollerset and Blowdry$45.00
Wrap and Curl$40.00
Flexi Rod Set$65.00
Curl (perm), Cut and Style$100.00
Spiral/Designer Perm, Cut and Style$130.00


Conditioning Treatment$20.00


10 and Under

Haircut Only$20.00
Shampoo, Cut and Blowdry$25.00


Any Two Areas$25.00
Any Three Areas$35.00


The very first Bubbles was founded in 1978 after stylist Ann Ratner, a U.K. native, relocated to the U.S. and married hairdresser Dennis Ratner. This first location came in Washington, D.C. To date, there are 34 Bubbles Salons as well as three other Ratner Company brands for good measure.

Bubbles, a progressive, innovative brand, is developing new concepts such as day spas and specialty shops with select hair coloring service. Ratner Company, which is the biggest private salon business in the country, partnered with Paul Mitchell to start the campaign known as “The School-Tyson’s Corner” where educators can elect to be put through a series of extensive classes that hone their skills.


Services offered at Bubbles are extensive, professional and well worth your hard earned money. All services are handled by experienced staff members who stress attention to detail and craftsmanship. In terms of hairstyling, styles offered include shampoo with haircut and blowdry, shampoo with set, flat iron, curling, and hair extensions with added consultation. For hair coloring, one may choose from a list of options including single color application, semi-color application, partial foil highlights and face-framing highlights.

Continuing, to enhance and keep hair texture strong and healthy, clients can choose hair strengthening services, natural hair styling, wrap and curl, set using flexi rod, and hair smoothing. Treatment includes conditioning. Also, haircuts and shampoo with haircut and blow dry are indeed available for children 10 years old and under. Waxing services for the eyebrows, general lip area, and chin are available for men and women alike.

Bubbles Salon does not make any promises it cannot uphold. It will fulfill its end of the bargain with top notch styling, coloring and treatment that will make for a memorable, exciting look every time.


Products used in Bubbles Salons are meant to be high-end and high-quality but they do vary from store to store. However, a typical Bubbles Salon will carry the following products:

Hydrate Shampoo & Conditioner: reconstructs, repairs, and toughens hair as well as conditions hair, especially hair that has become stiff or dry. It also comes with a hydrating conditioner that protects color without compensating being heavy on the hair.

Hydrate Hydra Whip: Hydra Whip is a masque therapy that is ideal for damaged or dehydrated hair. It gives hair that vibrant color all the while detangling it and giving a shimmering shine. It also protects hair from thermal damage that is typical with the frequent use of hair dryers.

Strength Cure Reconstructing Masque by Pureology: a reforming masque formulated to restore and condition hair strands to strengthen them. As a result, this reduces potential breakage.

Strength Cure Split End Salve by Pureology: This distinctive formulation helps in preventing and blocking off further damage to colored hair. It strengthens and repairs split ends, as well as restoring damaged hair.

Curl Complete Taming Butter by Pureology: by applying this cream and letting it stay in the hair, it reduces wild, stubborn curls, improves hair manageability, suppresses frizz, and gives hair a voluminous definition.

Perfect for Platinum Blonde Enhancer by Pureology: this is a rinse-out solution that gives hair pigment to modulate and neutralize yellow undertones in blonde hair which can, at times, look washed out and harsh.

Pure Volume Original Extra Care Shampoo by Pureology: for fine and sensitive color-treated hair, this gives it just the right amount of volume for a finish that is light and full. Also, it detangles messy hair.

Bumble and Bumble’s Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner: this treatment is ideal for limp, thin or fine hair. It locks in moisture, fixes split ends and is attuned for any hair color.

Thickening Crème Contour by Bumble and Bumble: a shaping crème, once applied and mashed together in the hands turns into a paste that gives hair flashy style. It produces silhouettes with great definition which makes for a gorgeous hairstyle.

Crème de Coco Masque by Bumble and Bumble: works for any color-treated hair type, it is a masque optimal for dull, lifeless hair. It has formulated moisture properties that augments hair in silkiness, gloss, and softness.

Leave-in Treatments Miracle Leave-in Plus Keratin by It’s A 10: perfect for maintenance of hair that has been treated with keratin. It increases manageability of hairstyles and replaces lost protein in hair.

Smooth Ancient Serum Argan Oil Treatment by Cibu: great for use on dry or wet hair, this is a treatment that has been created to moisturize skin. The argan oil added into the treatment nourishes dehydrated hair.

Ka Pow Dry Shampoo by Cibu: holds together hairstyles and blow outs longer by strengthening strands, builds volume and texture in styled hair, provides hair a revitalizing and authentic look, and absorbs excess oil from the scalp so as to prevent any greasy, moist look.

To set up an appointment with Bubbles Salon or for more information, visit their official site at www.bubblessalons.com.


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