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HairMasters’ acumen in all areas of the beauty hair care service industry have transformed them as one of the fastest blooming salon brands in the world. Skills are optimum, and dynamic is powerful over at HairMasters. Their establishment’s ultimate goal is seeking a hair care formula that will make a difference in the consumer’s hair and, subsequently, his or her life.

HairMasters Salon makes it easy to differentiate its elite quality service in comparison to the leading competitor. HairMasters aims to capture timeless, long-lasting looks tied to the culture. Expert staff, strenuous learning courses, and a biblical belief in discipline as the greatest human moral show why HairMasters does what it does.

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Basic Services

Blow Dry Curl$45.00
Extension (first)$20.00
Extension (after first)$10.00


HairMasters Salon is a progressive, influential brand that has done enough to garner 348 locations in the states. As rapid success almost instantly began in the early stages, franchising and expansion of the company rocketed. It is an accolade in of itself that HairMasters can attest and attribute their legacy to. With superb customer relation and undeniable hair care service, it has become a respected and revered brand name.

Of course, it is so, so fitting that HairMasters is owned by the heralded Regis Corporation, the largest salon industry tycoon in the business. In fact, the corporation owns an astounding 11,000 hair salons, globally.

Even with Regis’ never-ending roster, it seems as if HairMasters has taken over the competition with the best customer retention ratio.


HairMasters naturally has a wide array of services they perform. From cutting, styling, and trimming to perming, relaxing, and coloring, clientele should be pleased to know their desired look is probably covered in the HairMasters package. Additionally, beard trimming, bang trimming, waxing and conditioner are also available.

Whether you come in the for the same classic cut every time, or have a new, crazy idea you want to try out, trained stylists will make it work every time, 100 percent guaranteed.

Straight hair? Curly hair? Don’t worry, HairMasters administers curling and ironing on clientele in the best manner possible. Each outlet is fitted with approved safe, effective equipment. Couple that with patented hair formulations used to achieve the end product, and no one does business like HairMasters does.

If you need trimming, HairMasters houses the most technical hands in the industry to suit your look. Even if it’s a new color, HairMasters can cook up the right batch for any requesting clientele.

As you can see, the staff and organization of HairMasters is extremely well-rounded. Hair care services at HairMasters come at a premium standard, no less. If you seek the latest, newest fashion trends, it is recommended you pay a visit to these guys.


Of course, many customers pinpoint coming back because they are satisfied. That is all good and great but it is not the only reason they keep coming back. There is a multitude of factors that keep loyal clientele coming back.

These clients become frequent visitors because they have built strong bonds with regular hairstylists in the salon. You see, more times than not, stylists tend to stay at HairMasters for prolonged periods of time and this helps staff and clientele develop amazing relationships.

This works in a customer’s favor as when seeking and conversing about a risky hairdo or style, it is obviously much more comfortable to discuss this with an employee they have grown with. This is the basis HairMasters operates on.

However, this friendly environment doesn’t take away from the professional, expert experience that is primarily stressed at HairMasters. Hairstylists still have an important role they need to play. They tentatively listen to every request and desire a client has, and accordingly make suggestions. Even though stylists let their guard down and look to set an easygoing, good-spirited tone with their clients, there is still a necessary barrier that is imperative for good business. Staff at HairMasters do not compromise this.

HairMasters’ stylists even deal with children. They employ good strategy with difficult, anxious kids to calm and relax them. Parents should rest easy knowing their children are in good hands.

Every cut and style at HairMasters will be ensured with a top quality guarantee. These experts take their profession seriously. Whether a style or cut is traditional or extreme, HairMasters’ stylists strive to be textbook and picture-perfect.

Granted, there are many other sound, respected hair salons that can maybe offer similar quality hair care services, but HairMasters just knows how to sell all their assets and features in one package that separates them as the crème of the crop.

HairMasters’ salon ultimate mission: ensure everyone who experiences the infectious HairMasters’ salon environment will leave with a quality style or cut and have an even better chance of visiting the second time around.

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